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Logs & Firewood

Our woodyard is just outside Uley, Gloucestershire. Please call us with your enquiry on 01453 358024 or email:

Firewood Delivery Calls

Answer phones are not great but, as a small business, we don’t have someone sat beside the phone all the time, sometimes we can’t pick up the phone because we’re driving and sometimes there’s simply no mobile signal where we are.

All of which means that when you ring us there’s a chance you may reach our voicemail. Please don’t give up! We ALWAYS return calls as soon as we can.  Failing that, we do check our email regularly throughout the day.

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You can reach us via Facebook,  Twitter and Pinterest. We also have YouTube channel and a Vimeo profile.

Registered Address

Elcombe Firewood Ltd.
Owlpen Park, Uley, Gloucestershire GL11 5BY