PB, Nailsworth – July 2024

Very reliable quality, personable driver!

JH, Chalford – July 2024

Reliable supplier that can cope with the tricky roads around the district without fuss.

PM, Westonbirt – June 2024

Excellent service and excellent logs.

VM, Thornbury – June 2024

Superb service, very helpful and cracking logs!

WP, Horsley – May 2024

Impeccable, as always.Logs burn hot and long. Delivery helpful, superfast.

IL, Painswick – May 2024

Excellent service, fast delivery and great stacking in the wood store, highly reccomend!

RB, Cam – May 2024

Really quick from order to delivery. Left where we asked, and covered up. Good quality logs!

BC, Bagpath – April 2024

Brilliant. Our logs were delivered the same day we ordered them. Great wood.

SS, Brookend – April 2024

Wood is always excellent quality, as is the service at point of order and delivery at door

JD, Stroud – April 2024

Great service, great wood. Order in the morning and the wood is delivered in the afternoon. I’d highly recommend!

LN, Chippenham – March 2024

What a wonderful service Elcombe firewood is.They always provide exceptional service and excellent quality wood. Any queries are dealt with effectively and efficiently. I Could not recommend the company more highly and will never go anywhere else.Thankyou

MB, Slimbridge – March 2024

You are super efficient and your wood is excellent! The phone seems to ring immediately we place the order and the wood appears the same day – or if the order is placed at midnight – the next morning!! We love dealing with you and would not use anyone else now

JA, Pitchcombe – March 2024

Top quality firewood, delivered promptly right to the door. Great service, as always!

LW, Painswick – March 2024

Superb service, speedy delivery, excellent wood. No improvement necessary – your service is spot on!

AH, Avening – March 2024

Great quality logs and an amazing service – ordered, delivered and stacked in our log store, by me and my wife, in under three hours.

GE, Stroud – Feb 2024

I just wanted to say a big thanks to your driver for helping my Mrs down the steps with her push chair as well as a swift wood delivery! A top company that i will recommend to everyone! Cheers Lads.

KJ, Nailsworth – Feb 2024

You were very accommodating and delivered at the end of your working day, to fit in with me. Fantastic service!

RH, Cherington – Feb 2024

Excellent firewood and delivery was amazing – my order arrived within 45 mins of placing the order. Fantastic service!

DL, Wotton – Feb 2024

Great service again, thank you. Ordered the super heat mix on the weekend, phone call on Monday morning and in our wood store by 9am. Hotmax is great to start the fire and the low moisture content of the logs means a longer hotter burn. Great products

MA, Dursley – Jan 2024

I am 100% happy with the product and service provided. I have been a customer for over five years and you have delivered a quality product within 24 hours of ordering – every single time. Fantastic!

JH, Amberley – Jan 2024

Excellent service. Unbelievably quick and great quality logs

DS, Gloucester – Jan 2024

Excellent product. The wood burns really well. Very dry. I bought my wood in nets, for ease of movement, and it’s really good!

JF, Nailsworth – Jan 2024

Very efficient company. Logs delivered within a few hours of ordering and unloaded exactly where we asked, then covered to prevent them getting wet.

BC, Edge – Dec 2023

Having ordered online in the morning, I got a phone call an hour later making an appointment to deliver them at 1pm the same day. Delivered exactly where I wanted them.

NW, Minchinhampton – Dec 2023

The wood burns really well and your service is incredibly efficient – you always deliver within a few days of ordering and this time, delivery was less than 24 hours after I’d ordered – very impressive! Thank you.

CC, Chalford – Dec 2023

Excellent quality and amazing service! Easy to order online and I came home to the logs exactly where I asked for them to be dropped off. Thank you. Second year I have ordered from you and I recommend you to everyone looking for firewood!

RK, Bisley – Nov 2023

Next day, placed convenient behind gate, very friendly, free kindling!!

IH, Whiteshill – Nov 2023

Fast, efficient and courteous. Great quality firewood at a good price. Thank you.

BB, Cheltenham – Nov 2023

I ordered the logs at 09:30 and they were all stacked in my log store by 2:15 the same day. fantastic service

EP, Malmesbury – Nov 2023

The kiln dried logs from Elcombe firewood have been excellent both years we have bought from them – generate lots of heat with minimal residue on our log burner (especially important with a log burner that is glass on 3 sides!). We wouldn’t use anything else and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Lovely customer service and prompt delivery too – 5 stars from us.

RH, Malmesbury – Oct 2023

Excellent logs and brilliant customer service and delivery. Netted logs are a bonus for storage and bringing through to stove.

AS, Stroud – Oct 2023

Full admiration for logs, prompt delivery and excellent stacking service.

BL, Box – Oct 2023

Superb service as usual. Excellent product delivered and stacked next day. Great delivery driver.

LW, Stroud – Sept 2023

There is nowhere to have loose logs delivered to my house, so I have to buy nets. 1.5 cubi m arrived yesterday and was carried up my steep path and stacked in my log store in 20 mins. On time and in my requested day. Phone call to confirm was appreciated. I order every year because I know they are consistent in quality and service. Why go elsewhere?

BF, Stroud – Sept 2023

Great quality and prompt, professional service – as always.

JP, Box – Sept 2023

Very good company, friendly, efficient, good quality logs, with a speedy delivery.

CF, Stroud – Sept 2023

The usual excellent professional service from Elcombe. Great price, great product, great communication, great and skilful tipper fella, what more do you want.

PH, Beverston – August 2023

Super service. All logs in bags and a gift of some kindling. Prompt delivery. Covered the pile against rain!

DT, Slimbridge – August 2023

As usual – very high quality logs and very rapid delivery

KA, Tetbury – August 2023

Easy ordering and quick delivery of logs of the correct length as ordered at a good price.

CP, Gloucester – August 2023

I really don’t think your delivery of the logs and the logs themselves could be improved. Both are brilliant!

MB, Slimbridge – July 2023

Service is always better than excellent. How can you improve on 10 out of 10? If delivery was any quicker you’d have to do a night shift!

KN, Hullavington – July 2023

Amazing service – delivered within two hours of ordering. Wood had 6% moisture content according to my meter!

CP, Yatton – July 2023

Burns absolutely beautifully, and cut accurately to fit my log burner, So pleased to receive your call 30 minutes after ordering to say you could come out straightaway and you would be with me within an hour. Logs all skillfully tipped into my garage. Utterly amazing service.

CE, Dursley – July 2023

Good prompt service as before, thank you.

OM, Chalford – June 2023

Excellent service, delivered when required and covered in case of rain

TT, Doynton – June 2023

Brilliant, volume of excellent quality logs delivered very quickly. Everything that I needed. Thank you

DH, Minchinhampton – May 2023

Fantastic quality wood and fantastic service. Many thanks.

JL, Cashes Green – May 2023

Keep up the great service and quality of product

WH, Oakridge – May 2023

I have ordered firewood four times from Elcombe since moving to the area and each time it has been delivered within 24 hours. Very impressive service.

VM, Thornbury – April 2023

I’ve been dealing with Elcombe Logs since summer of 2013 and have excellent product and super service from them ….they are my first choice for logs!

PG, Stroud – April 2023

Don’t think there’s much room for improvement – polite, helpful workers, prompt delivery, quality firewood – which is why we are happy to pay more than the cheapest firewood supplier.

AGK, Cranham – April 2023

Love the wood quality, and the speed you deliver even at short notice. 10/10

LS, Chipping Sodbury – April 2023

Really fantastic company. I’ve been a customer for many years now. Thank you for the complimentary kindling and firelighters! Much appreciated. Would highly recommend your company to all.

JA, Woodchester – Mar 2022

Worth every penny!

DN, Nailsworth – Mar 2023

I ordered just after 9 a.m. and the logs delivered and put away by 9.40 a.m. Brilliant service from a great team. Luke is a star!

HP, Slimbridge – Mar 2023

I am so pleased with the service you provide, and of course the logs! As soon as the order is placed the logs seem to appear almost by magic and very carefully unloaded too. Excellent…first class.

MK, Cam – Mar 2023

Very happy with the ease of service (ordering online), the prompt delivery, pleasant interaction on the phone and delivery driver and quality of wood. A little more expensive than elsewhere, but will be using you again.

RC, Nailsworth – Mar 2023

Supreme, dazzling efficiency, friendly staff, excellent product.

JC, Alveston – Mar 2023

Communication from order to delivery is excellent. Wood came quick, the driver was very friendly. Well packed in the bags, wood burns well and long. All in all great all around service.

TG, Wickwar – Feb 2023

Really nice logs, and nice and dry. you appear to be doing a great job, providing a great service.

JS, Cam – Feb 2023

I went for the Keep it simple kiln dried logs. They were delivered the next day, excellent service and the logs are very dry and burn well in our wood burning stove. The Kindling is also very chunky and gets the fire going easily

DM, Rodborough – Jan 2023

Excellent service and always a quality product that burns well and lasts longer than other shop bought brands.

MH, Chippenham – Jan 2023

logs of equal size,burn well, used for a number of years and incredibly quick service that has not changed

SB, Stonehouse – Jan 2023

Excellent quality and brilliant service. Thank you

MAS, Wotton – Jan 2023

Love the stacking service and that it’s possible to rely on the timing of deliveries to the nearest 2 hours! The quality of the wood is marvellous and shouldn’t go unappreciated in the mix of the customer service provided.

EH, Brownshill – Jan 2023

Ordered online in the morning, delivered in the afternoon! Can’t fault!

MT, Ruscombe – Dec 2022

Fantastic service from Luke as always. Really appreciated the help in bringing in the logs. Will definitely use you again , Keep up the great work . Happy Christmas to you all!

KE, Thornbury – Dec 2022

Friendly and professional service that included a bag of kindling and good banter!

NM, Preston – Dec 2022

Excellent quality logs, burn slow and hot ! We will definitely buy again… Luke & co are very friendly, efficient & helpful

KR, Horsley – Dec 2022

The best by far – wood quality, speed of delivery, friendly and personal service

SJ, Rodborough – Dec 2022

Always a good mixture of thick and thinner logs no rubbish in the bags. Just good quality firewood. Nothing seems to be a problem, always happy to help, and amazing speed of delivery.

JB, Horsley – Dec 2022

Amazing service – couldn’t have been anymore friendly or efficient. THANK YOU!

SC, Minchinhampton – Dec 2022

It seemed like they delivered almost as soon as I put the phone down!!

CH, Eastcombe – Nov 2022

Elcombe Fire and Wood is a company that excels in service,quality,helpfulness,efficiency and reliability. A great favourite with friends and neighbours,who rate it as highly as we do. Excellent.We tried several companies before Elcombe Fire and Wood and none compare for quality!

ED, Brimscombe – Nov 2022

Excellent service. Next day delivery. Logs etc all left where I requested. Logs burn really well, producing excellent heat and flame. Highly recommend Elcombe Firewood.

SH, Stroud – Nov 2022

100% impressed with the service: logs delivered within 10 hours of ordering; it was pouring down and the logs were piled neatly within the fence with a plastic cover. THANK YOU!

LW, Stroud – Nov 2022

For the past few years I’ve bought my wood from Elcombe, I order one day, it arrives the next. It’s carried up my steep path and stacked (in nets) straight into my wood store. I couldn’t ask for a better service.

DL, Kemble – Nov 2022

Simply can’t fault the service. Ordered loose kiln dried logs on a Friday morning in early September, delivered 45 minutes later! Outstanding.

JL, Eastington – Oct 2022

Called back within 5 minutes of placing orde online. Delivered next morning and left pile covered to protect from rain too. Excellent service and product.

BH, Nailsworth – Oct 2022

Excellent service. Our road was blocked by water company but delivery driver made superman effort to get the logs up the hill and onto property.

TD, Tetbury – Oct 2022

Great service; ready to deliver within a day or two, called in advance of delivery to check, unpacked next to store, polite and helpful delivery person! Wood is highly recommended… ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

JL, Stroud – Oct 2022

Have had deliveries from the Elcombe Firewood team for years. Their seasoned hardwood is excellent and so often had same day deliveries. Thanks so much! Jon

TH, Dursley – Oct 2022

Just want to say thanks for always being well-priced, good quality and reliable, when we ordered this year you delivered the same day which was unbelievable service! Thanks as always

CW, Stroud – Oct 2022

From start to finish everyone is so helpful and polite. Very efficient and quick service, nothing is too much trouble, (even parking down a lane and having to wheelbarrow all my logs down a footpath, and then stack them up!) I always use Elcombe and always recommend to my friends.

KS, Malmesbury – Sep 2022

Superb quality wood and excellent service. Wood delivered next day and stacked as requested.

JU, Yatton Keynell – Sep 2022

Amazing service as usual, delivery within 90 minutes of order, can’t get better than that.

LS, Horsley – Sep 2022

I’ve order from Elcombe before and once again the service was excellent. I had requested a Friday or Saturday delivery when my husband would be home but they weren’t delivering on those days so very kindly Luke offered to deliver the load into my garden by hand and wouldn’t even let me help him! From there I was able to stack them in the log store. And they arrived within hours of the order being placed. Great service.

GD, Stroud – Sep 2022

Perfection! Keep doing what you are doing.

MSP, Stroud – Sep 2022

Always reliable & friendly good service & great logs. Please keep on doing what you do so well. It certainly keeps these customers happy.

MA, Cam – Sep 2022

Never had any problems – the wood is always as described, top quality, the service is always fantastic.This business has nailed customer service.

BB, Cheltenham – Sep 2022

Absolutely fantastic service, ordered on Friday and within an hour and a half it was in my log store. Terrific, thanks Luke

JB, Coombe – Sep 2022

Very quick delivery. I haven’t burnt any yet but the logs look A1 and I liked the net sacks which made for quick stacking in the store.

MP, Stroud – Sep 2022

Speedy delivery service with phone call beforehand. Delivery guy unloaded logs carefully onto drive & covered logs with plastic.to protect from rain. Highly recommend Elcombe Fire Wood supplies.

CP, Gloucester – August 2022

The service cannot be bettered! A helpful bloke delivered the logs a day-or-so after I ordered them.

FJ, Dursley – August 2022

As usual they fitted in with my request for a range of type and sizes and especially on delivery.

HG, Gloucester – August 2022

Excellent service and Excellent log stacking. The delivery person was careful, tidy and made an extremely neat job of it. Purely for that reason alone I will have no hesitation in using you again. Well done and keep up the good work.

DC, Selsley – July 2022

Excellent service as always!!

AN, Chipping Sodbury – July 2022

Helpful delivery driver and logs of good quality, would use Elcombe again.

AM, Pitchcombe – July 2022

Fast and very efficient service & delivery.. Good little burners …

LE, Thrupp – June 2022

Easy to order. Logs arrive the next day and the lovely delivery man carries all the bags up my path and stacks them in my log store. Fantastic service… and good wood too!

RG, Frocester – June 2022

Logs delivered in no time after order

MB, Slimbridge – June 2022

Outstanding service and the fastest delivery known to man!

PM, Middleyard – May 2022

Always delighted with the quality of the logs, the superb and efficient service of Luke and the Team! We will never buy our firewood from anywhere else, why would we? We have already recommended you to neighbours who now buy your logs. Keep up the good work Luke and thanks too, to your amazing team!

LW, Amberley – May 2022

Great quality and excellent service! Luke gives me a call and it’s all sorted!

IN, Upper Seagry – May 2022

Excellent service, incredibly quick from time of order, plastic sheet put down onto the the gravel drive made it so much easier to tidy up and collect the scraps for kindling. Thank you !!

DL, Wotton under edge – May 2022

Very prompt & friendly service. Logs are are a consistent size which is why I go back to them.

RA, Brimscombe – May 2022

Very quick response time from order to delivery and the phone call prior to arrival is very helpful

HG, Middleyard – April 2022

Thank you so much for the brilliant service!I finished repairing my woodshed yesterday evening and by 10am today you have filled it with logs.I went out to offer the lad a cup of tea and he had already finished and gone. Please pass on my thanks. That task would have taken me all day.

MSP, Stroud – April 2022

Superb wood, almost burns itself! I use very little kindling & it burns very clean, the glass on our stove is now much easier to clean.

NB, Stonehouse – April 2022

Super fast, friendly and a decent price. I will certainly be ordering again. Very professional.

AW, Stroud – April 2022

Quality products, quick delivery, cheerful helpful drivers you have all these. Just maintain the standards you have set.

SC, Culkerton – April 2022

Another quick delivery of excellent wood very well seasoned and neatly cut kindly stacked in my store by the nice delivery driver, thank you.

NS, Minchinhampton – March 2022

I ordered at 8pm and the wood arrived at 8am the next morning – what can I say except thank you for such an amazing service. Beautiful wood that smells gorgeous and burns well.

AN, Colethrop – March 2022

Delivered within an hour of placing the order, inredible service.

ZR, Bussage – March 2022

1st class logs and service. Highly recommended ?

SK, Painswick – March 2022

Excellent service. Order made one afternoon with delivery next morning. The Amazon of firewood!

RM, Minchinhampton – Feb 2022

I ordered on-line and had a delivery the same day – a great service! As I was in a meeting yoiur driver also put some plastic tarp over the deliver – was much appreciated!!! I regularly recommend you via Facebook when folk ask for recommendations for firewood.

AE, Kings Stanley – Feb 2022

Excellent service – order arrived the next day. We particularly like the logs in nets as it makes them easy to carry to our storage shed.

CS, Amberley – Feb 2022

Excellent swift service. Good communications, and logs left covered to keep them dry.Thank you

PL, Nailsworth – Feb 2022

Speedy service – within 5 mins of ordering on line received phone call and wood delivered within an hour!

AM, Bussage – Feb 2022

Always great wood and great service, been using Elcombe for six years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

MC, Bowbridge – Feb 2022

Ordered logs over the weekend and delivered on Monday. Can’t get better than that. Well done.

TH, Westrip – Feb 2022

Wood was excellent & the prompt efficient delivery much appreciated.

AJ, Gloucester – Feb 2022

Top job, delivered where and when I wanted them. See you next time ?

RL, North Nibley – Feb 2022

Logs from Elcombe are always consistent and clean + efficient delivery – many thanks

CM, Horsley – Jan 2022

The service is always excellent but this time especially so. Road closures meant access to the house was difficult. The driver reversed up a narrow lane, parked at the bottom of the driven and then carried and stacked our bagged logs. This was done without even telling me – and therefore no chance to thank the driver – although I was expecting the load to be left at the bottom of the drive and for me to carry and stack them.

TB, Wickwar – Jan 2022

Information, advice, great customer service, swift delivery and brilliant stacking service. ? What can I say, fantastic service across the board, that’s why we keep coming back. Thank you ?

JB, Amberley – Jan 2022

You seemed expensive at first but after I’d seen the size of the load I was won over.

AR, Kings Stanley – Jan 2022

Delivery has always been fast and arranged to fit our preferred times. The wood has always burned well.

BD, Nailsworth – Jan 2022

So quick, service is brilliant and so are the logs. Faultless!

PB, Stroud – Jan 2022

very easy to use website, excellent, friendly service and lightning speed delivery within a few hours of ordering on the website. couldn’t be happier!

TM, North Nibley – Jan 2022

Excellent, rapid and personal service again. Thanks

IM, Watledge – Dec 2021

Luke and the team came up trumps again, same day delivery and extra help. Hard to think of any way they could improve!

WS, Nailsworth Dec 2021

Always excellent customer service, such a fast turnaround from ordering to delivery, and the delivery team couldn’t be more helpful.

CP, Chipping sodbury – Dec 2021

No improvement needed. You delivered the next day and had unloaded before I even realised you had arrived !

MS, Box – Dec 2021

Fantastic service. As soon as I placed the order, I was contacted by phone to arrange delivery that very afternoon. The wood arrived in perfect condition. Thank you!

BM, Painswick – Dec 2021

These guys really know how to run a business. The logs are excellent and the service is outstanding. I had barely pressed the pay button before I had a call to say they could be delivered. Best service I’ve ever come across, thank you.

PF, Nailsworth – Dec 2021

Faster than a speeding train… I put my order in at 10.30pm on Sunday, and received my firewood 10.30am on Monday. Amazon Prime could learn a thing or two from you about great service.

AF, Oakridge – Dec 2021

High-quality dry wood, You provide the most efficient and friendly service in town!

MP, Gloucester – Dec 2021

A first class service as ever! placed my order on a Thursday evening and the delivery arrived at 9.20 on the Friday. I can’t think of any improvement to beat that service.

AG, Kingscourt – Dec 2021

Fabulous next day service and stacked the logs neatly

SW, Cam – Dec 2021

Amazing service! Ordered at 9 in the morning from work and the wood was delivered before I got home. Thank you!

HM, Cheltenham – Nov 2021

Placed an order early evening online, the logs were delivered mid morning the following day! I missed a call a few hours before they were due to arrive to advise of delivery time. I’d left a voicemail to ask if they could tip the logs on the tarp if laid out. No fuss, excellent service and product!

AS, Stonehouse – Nov 2021

Been a customer for many years. Great logs, great service, delivered within hours of planning order. Would never go anywhee else.

RHC, Amberley – Nov 2021

Just wanted to say how hugely impressed I am with you..

From placing the order, the call back to sort the details, the speed of delivery…. and then I came back tonight to find the logs beautifully stacked by the house, wrapped against the rain and no mess at all. Thank you to you all and especially the delivery crew who completely surpassed my expectations – this is my first time using you and I will certainly use you again

With my grateful thanks

MC, Bibury – Nov 2021

Delivery was very prompt and service friendly as always. Nice touches such as weatherproof covering provided (as I was going to be away at the time of delivery), and a free bag of kindling. I find Elcombe a very professional and customer-focused company to deal with.

MR, Malmesbury – Nov 2021

I set up my online account with Elcombe and within minutes of placing an order I received a call to confirm my order was being dispatched. The wood arrived and was stacked away in my shed 45 mins later. Incredible service.

PD, Brookthorpe – Nov 2021

Thank you for your usual prompt and efficient service. Cats are in haven now the wood burner is lit..

SC, Culkerton – Nov 2021

I really appreciated that the driver stacked my logs in my store, even though I hadn’t requested this. It was so nice coming home late from work to find this out. What a treat!

MS, Wotton – Nov 2021

Perfect service in every way!

CK, Gloucester – Nov 2021

Ordered my logs on a Sunday arrived on Monday there service is amazing they phone to say they’re on there way

LC, Box – Oct 2021

Great logs, better quality than previous provider by a long chalk, so very grateful. Great service, stacked the logs swiftly, friendly and efficient.

MA, Cam – Oct 2021

Always a pleasure to deal with. Response to web orders is always immediate – within an hour of ordering, I receive a phone call to book in the delivery! Logs neatly stacked, and drive swept of any residual bark/detritus.

SF, Eastcombe – Oct 2021

I found your customer service excellent. Will definitely come back. Thank you.

EV, Stonehouse – Oct 2021

I feel Elcombe operate to the very highest standards.

CN, Churcham – Oct 2021

Absolutely fantastic service. Ordered Sunday late afternoon, delivery arrived after a courtesy call Monday morning. The stacking service was well worth the money and everything was neatly put away. Wood burned much better and longer than the supermarket bags I used to buy. Will I be back for more over the winter? Absolutely!

EB, Painswick – Oct 2021

Thank you so much for probably the quickest delivery of any product I have ever received! Your quicker than Amazon prime! 
I was so shocked to see the logs a couple of hours later (so beautifully stacked) after ordering them that I had to check with my neighbour to see if the logs were theirs!

HJ, Stroud – Oct 2021

You’re not the cheapest local supplier but I suspect you might be the best! Especially appreciated the super fast delivery, excellent communication from both office and delivery driver and the load of beautiful logs – no piles of useless ‘wood-druff’ to sweep up after delivery. Excellent value and worth every penny for a stress free transaction!

ZP, Dursley – Oct 2021

Impressively speedy service – very helpful and convenient.

KW, Cam – Oct 2021

Fabulous service from a friendly and efficient supplier

AB, Saul – Oct 2021

You have nothing to improve on first rate service very speedy pleasure doing business with you

DF, Coaley – Oct 2021

Brilliant service with delivery one day after ordering. Excellent quality, clean and uniform! Driver kindly stacked the nets in our log store: much appreciated

HO, Stroud – Oct 2021

Always high quality seasoned hardwood and prompt, friendly delivery

GF, Stroud – Oct 2021

Great wood, uniform length & shape makes for easy stacking. Tried a few others before settling here for last few years

SR, Avening Oct – 2021

Fantastic logs and service. Won’t go anywhere else. Top marks

SC, Cirencester – Oct 2021

always friendly and efficient service!!

GC, Gloucester – Sept 2021

Always a great service and a great quality product .I am always amazed how quickly you can deliver

LW, Stroud – Sept 2021

Ordered one day arrived the next with a message to tell me the time slot for delivery and chance to change it if necessary. The logs were carried up my steep path and stacked in their nets in my log store. Worth every penny!

SV, Chippenham – Sept 2021

Incredible Sevice!!Logs delivered to Chippenham whithin 1 hour of placing the order!Thank you so much you are an amazing Company to deal with.

JM, Breadstone – Sept 2021

As usual, we ordered the wood one day and it was delivered the next. It’s also much cheaper than buying packs of wood from garages or garden centres.

DD, Rodborough – Sept 2021

Excellent service, will definetly use you again next time.

LB, Eastington – Sept 2021

Great service . Ordered on Bank holiday and delivered next day . Very impressed . Friendly delivery chap too .

SK, Stroud – Sept 2021

Wood always very dry and easy to burn. Service excellent, delivery within couple of days of order.

AH, Stroud – Aug 2021

An excellent service all round. Prompt delivery, always have good and reliably seasoned logs in stock and general pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!

LM, Middleyard – Aug 2021

Paid for the stacking service and really appreciated the neat and tidy efficient work. Would highly recommend and will use again.

MC, Chalford – Aug 2021

As always, super fast, super friendly service and great quality firewood.

JU, Uley – Aug 2021

Good logs, easy to order online, quick delivery

PD, Leonard Stanley – Aug 2021

Do not buy from any other supplier! Always great service!

CP, Gloucester – July 2021

I can’t think how you might improve on the service you provided – my logs were delivered the same day as I ordered them, and they are the usual excellent quality!

JH, The Vatch – July 2021

Quick and efficient delivery service and beautifully stacked by Jacob!

OM, Chalford – July 2021

Contacted one day and delivered the next, excellent service. Delivered close to wood store despite difficult access

MW, Slad – July 2021

Great! Fast, courteous service.

JN, Painswick – July 2021

So efficient and great quality wood

GS, Woodchester – July 2021

Always an absolutely fantastic service- very fast delivery and even put down tarp on drive!!!

TW, Pinfarthings – June 2021

Nothing is too much trouble for the drivers, always had superb service from Elcombe. Thanks Luke. TW

PB, Minchinhampton – June 2021

Great service! You always deliver the next working day .. sometimes the same day, how good is that? Brilliant. Wood is superb and burns so well. Never think of going else where.

IS, Eastcombe – June 2021

Excellent service – as usual!! Can not fault it!!

KJ, Sandhurst – June 2021

This wood burns better, cleaner, and hotter then the wood that I had cut and dry stored for 2 years.

DH, Saul – June 2021

Always prompt and good service I have bought my logs from you for several years never had a reason to complain.

MP, Gloucester – June 2021

Cut to the size we wanted, good burning wood and happy with result, I really can’t think of anything that would improve it as prompt delivery, pleasant man who delivers and good wood

CD, Tetbury – June 2021

Excellent quality wood, and a good load it certainly is nice and will last a while.

LH, Stroud – June 2021

Just brilliant as always ?

DM, Rodborough – June 2021

Super fast delivery. Ordered around 9pm and arrived by lunch time the next day!

SJ, Stroud – June 2021

Prompt and friendly service and excellent quality logs!

LN, Nailsworth – May 2021

Amazing service, Excellent Speedy Delivery and the best quality firewood!!

PB, Dursley – May 2021

Service, advice and conversation is all spot on with these guys, Thanks.

VM, Thornbury – May 2021

I’ve have service from Elcombe since 2013 and they have been very helpful , on time delivery and very clean log loads of good quality

GD, Stroud – May 2021

If it wasn’t superb I wouldn’t keep buying from you. Best product, service and price. Thank you!

AH, Leonard Stanley – May 2021

Just stay as you are. I keep coming back because of quality product and superior service.

RB, Ashton Keynes – May 2021

Very impressed by the service (logs arrived the day after ordering). Quality of the wood was as expected, and the price very competitive.

SS, Gloucester – May 2021

Always so helpful and put nets where we can move them easily.

IM, Watledge – May 2021

Thank you. Excellent in all respects, as always. Much appreciated

AM, Cam – May 2021

Brilliant service, next day delivery. Wood always burns well

WP, Wootton Bassett – April 2021

We used Elcombe firewood as a recommendation from a family friend. They are seriously the best logs we have ever ever used!! They burn immediately with little kindling or effort. We will definitely be back for more

DC, South Cerney – April 2021

Great product, quick delivery and you have great, friendly, helpful people.

MG, Frampton Mansell – April 2021

I recommend you guys all the time. I’ve been buying from you for 8 years – never had a bad load. Customer service is second-to-none.

JR, Sharpness – April 2021

second time buying wood from you. Quality great and super quick delivery. Thank you very much!!

AD, Colethrop – April 2021

Always great service, just keep doing what you do, don’t change anything!

GB, Chedworth – April 2021

Super service ordered on line Sunday evening delivered next day Monday. That’s what I call service.

RDB, Uley – April 2021

Been using elcombe firewood for years. Always top quality, well seasoned logs. Tidy,efficient delivery service, brilliant!

VF, Cirencester – April 2021

Excellent, prompt and friendly service. When we go for stacking it is great value for money and stacked beautifully.

SA, Minchinhampton – April 2021

Fast and friendly service with next day delivery even when ordered on a Sunday. Wood burns like a dream. What more could you want, thank you..

CE, Dursley – April 2021

Really happy with the service and speed of delivery. £20 for stacking was well worth it and will definitely use you again!

SM, Rodborough – April 2021

Brilliant service, I emailed my order through around 5.15 on Friday evening, got a call to confirm the order and delivery time the day after, and my order arrived at 11.30 on Saturday morning. Brilliant service, Brilliant quality of all items, I will definitely order again!

MB, Slimbridge – April 2021

Super fast service and excellent quality ash logs.Highly recommended supplier.

AJ, Gloucester – March 2021

I have been using Luke at Elcombe Fire & Wood to supply our logs for a number of years. This time I placed an order at 7.30pm on line and the logs were delivered at 10.00am the following morning. These logs burn well with low ash and area good size for our 5kW log burner. Very impressed with this service 🙂

JEP, Rodborough – March 2021

Your wood burns much more cleanly than the firewood we were using previously and the fire throws out much more heat.

RY, Amberley – March 2021

There is literally nothing you can do to improve the service. Communication is very good, website is clear and easy to use.

JH, Brimscombe – March 2021

Placed my order and immediately had a call to arrange delivery for the following morning – excellent service and always great quality.

NC, Woodchester – March 2021

First time we have used your services and very impressed, will definitely be a long-term customer!

BB, Cheltenham – March 2021

Excellent service the chap who delivered the logs stacked the sacks neatly on my drive rather than tipping them in a heap. This was a great help

NB, Woodchester – March 2021

You are brilliant. Ordered Friday afternoon and arrived first thing Saturday preceded by a courtesy phone call. Logs in nets which are very convenient and the logs burn well on wood burner and fire pit. Congratulations and I will order from you again next winter.

JA, Pitchcombe – March 2021

Excellent quality, perfect size. Looks good in the wood store and burns steadily and hot, Keep doing what you do!

KC, Leonard Stanley – March 2021

I was really impressed with your service and the quality of your wood. It was promptly delivered the day after it was ordered and left exactly where I’d requested

GA, Selsley – March 2021

Lovely clean logs that burn very well, plus consistently superb fast efficient service. Thank you!

RC, Nailsworth – Feb 2021

Could this be the best run company in the county? Logs seem to arrive almost before I’ve finished putting in my order. Superb service and a consistently reliable product, Genuinely dry and ready for the stove.

MR, Randwick – Feb 2021

Always great service. Prompt delivery and very helpful

DD, Nailsworth – Feb 2021

Excellent service from ordering to delivery. Logs burn well. Very friendly and efficient staff. Would not buy our logs from anywhere else!

KH, Leonard stanley – Feb 2021

What a fab service from Elcombe Firewood. Ordered this morning (love the ring of fire music) and just delivered with an extra bag from the boss. You guys are totally the best. Thank you

RB, Eastcombe – Feb 2021

How can I comment adversely on an excellent product and service?!

NN, Stroud – Feb 2021

Always a brilliant service. Would always recommend them 100%

GA, Selsley – Feb 2021

Lovely clean logs that burn very well and super quick, friendly service!

MD, Dursley – Feb 2021

Excellent service. Ordered at 1pm and delivered by 3pm.

DE, Chalford – Feb 2021

Very rapid service, reliable quality wood and fabulous stacking service!

SG, Berkeley – Feb 2021

Great Logs. Delivered promptly. They burn really well. Great service

KB, Uley – Jan 2021

We have your found service quick and efficient and we’ve not had a bad fire this winter after using your kindling as well as the logs, previously we used other people’s kindling with your logs and they weren’t as consistent and efficient. But since we buy everything from you guys we’ve had no bad fires. So we don’t think any improvement to your service and products is needed we are very happy with it all.

SG, Rodborough – Jan 2021

Always friendly, professional and efficient service from Luke and the team. I would highly recommend.

JB, Coaley – Jan 2021

Brilliant communication, order acknowledgement was followed by email detailing expected delays, due to high volume of orders. Phone call next day let me know that logs would be delivered sooner than expected, which was a lovely surprise and much appreciated!

HN, Amberley – Jan 2021

I really loved the personal friendly knowlegable service and my delivery came faster than expected which was a bonus!!

HP, Slimbridge – Jan 2021

Thank you for such a prompt and excellent service. Even though it was the start of the New Year and I guessed you were very busy but delivery day after placing order…top marks!

TW, Longney – Jan 2021

Of all the Logs Suppliers I have tried over the years, the kiln dried logs burn better than any other and make a real difference to the wood burners performance, and as our chimney sweep will attest, a difference to the chimney itself, far less tar.

RB, Eastcombe – Jan 2021

How can you improve on a perfect service?!

GT, Stroud – Jan 2021

Grateful you fitted my delivery in despite being under pressure with orders. Great service!!

SC, Stroud – Jan 2021

Delivered locally within 2 days of placing order and the logs burn exceptionally well, a very satisfied customer here 🙂

DN, Nailsworth – Jan 2021

Brilliant and reliable. A great team and excellent communication from Luke.

SW, Hempsted – Jan 2021

Superb service and top quality product. Driver delivered as close to our wood store as was humanly possible, and as usual logs were top quality with a variety of log thicknesses

TH, Cam – Jan 2021

We are very pleased with the service, you go above what anyone can expect and will definitely buy again…

LW, Rangeworthy – Jan 2021

Have purchased twice now, on both occasions the service has been first class. One delivery was made the same day as I placed the order. The logs are always delivered neatly and with friendly deliver people.

RL, Woodchester – Jan 2021

Great service, speedy delivery ( even at a busy time) . kept informed of progress and great logs , easy to stack and burn brilliantly… Excellent, well cut, even sizes, easy to split & excellent burners – little or no particulate on glass of wood burner

CR, Stroud – Jan 2021

Always great and rapid service and excellent wood. Also, great that you’ll take back the nets for re-use, top sustainability marks!

AM, Whiteshill – Jan 2021

Very fast service (despite increased demand), friendly and helpful staff, and high quality logs.

NE, Eastcombe – Jan 2021

I cannot fault anything, the product and service is first rate. One could say ”Elcombe wood is very, very good” and it is!

DF, Frampton Mansell – Jan 2021


KS, Wotton – Jan 2021

Great communication – phone call to ask whether proposed delivery was convenient. Delivery arrived exactly when expected. Very friendly service.

MD, Dursley – Jan 2021

Exceptional service – firewood delivered in 5 hours following central heating failure – fantastic, saved the day/week/year!

CF, Nailsworth – Jan 2021

Thank you so much! Excellent wood and outstanding service. Can’t recommend you highly enough.

SA, Minchinhampton – Jan 2021

These are the best logs we have ever had, they burn easily and long, give out a lot of heat and slow! What is more, turn around time on delivery is extremely speedy.

GM, Dursley – Jan 2021

Thank you so much for exchanging my firewood order when I bought the wrong size on the last day before xmas. That service was above and beyond and I really really appreciated it.

PM, Sheepscombe – Jan 2021

I have no qualms recommending you , fantastic service super quick delivery and logs are amazing.

JB, Cam – Jan 2021

Very friendly, a quick & efficient delivery especially at this time of year (first days of new year) Will definitely buy from them again.

LS, Chalford – Jan 2021

Perfect wood for our logburner. Chopped neatly and easy to handle, best supplier for wood in the area. We have been taking advantage of the stacking service, and that is well worth the extra charge. Not only do the guys do a better and neater job, it saves all the back-breaking work. The tipper lorry is tilted enough so that they can reach the logs at waist height and you don’t end up with all the bits on your driveway.

NB, Gloucester – Jan 2021

Superb service and prompt delivery. Wouldn’t go anywhere else and would highly recommend.

JD, Chippenham – Jan 2021

The real test of customer service is the response when something goes wrong (we’re all human, occasionally mistakes will happen) – and it was exemplary. I’ll be back again when we need some more logs.

GW, Minchinhampton – Jan 2021

best wood we’ve had by far, so dry, cut perfectly, loads of it and it looks great when stacked!

PG, Rodborough – Jan 2021

You run a good and efficient business – take the order, take the money, deliver when you say you will – great product. No-one needs more! Well Done and Thanks!

RH, Kingscote – Jan 2021

Terrific prompt service and great logs. Really great and very helpful team

ZV, Jersey – Jan 2021

I order regularly for a family member in the UK and you never let us down. Always giving us a fast, efficient and professional service from ordering to delivery – Thank You

SP, Rodborough – Jan 2021

Keep doing what you are doing 🙂 Excellent product and service.

SB, Tetbury – Jan 2021

Excellent service as always we ordered at 9pm and had our wood by 11 the next day on a Sunday! You don’t get better than that!! And stacking is always excellent thank you.

BC, Stonehouse – Jan 2021

Great service from ordering to delivery from genuine people that understand and value the customer.. You always get what you pay for, logs that are dry and burn easily and hot.

PC, Stroud – Jan 2021

Superb service as always!

SM, Cam – Jan 2021

Driver delivered to me day after my order. He was great and the service is excellent. I had a look around the internet and your pricing and quality is excellent as well as being local so a really easy choice. Thanks

RB, Wickwar – Dec 2020

Always super prompt and friendly service. Would thoroughly recommend.

GT, Stroud – Dec 2020

You are all absolutely brilliant. I’ve never met Luke but after talking to him on the phone for many years he feels like an old friend. Logs have always been delivered within 24 hours of ordering, and your drivers are always super helpful and cheerful. It’s a joy to do business with you, thank you!

AW, Eastcombe – Dec 2020

Always excellent and Just a brilliant service from Luke and his team. Always friendly and efficient, his logs are second to none – thank you:-)

JR, Painswick – Dec 2020

Top quality firewood. Fantastic customer service. Called me the same day I ordered to arrange delivery the very next day! Would highly recommend!

RN, Nailsworth – Dec 2020

Great service, great range of wood to choose from and first class stacking service. I’ve been buying from Elcombe for years and when I have needed them to be quick and responsive they have always come through.

PS, Painswick – Dec 2020

Service and quality is always excellent. I don’t believe you could improve!

SB, Dursley – Dec 2020

Always an efficient fantastic service. Excellent wood to burn.

TB, Lightpill – Dec 2020

Used Elcombe for years, always good quality wood and great service.

JG, Coaley – Dec 2020

Fast friendly service and good firewood at a reasonable price, as always.

SE, Tetbury – Nov 2020

Fantastic logs and wonderful service, within seconds of ordering online my phone rang to confirm a next day delivery – Brilliant!

NB, Gloucester – Nov 2020

I really don’t think that there is anything that you could improve upon. Superb service from start to finish and all delivered by the next morning. It’s the warmest we’ve ever been! We will most def be using your company again. Thank you.

RS, Chalford – Nov 2020

Always very responsive and usually deliver the same day as my order is placed – excellent! Really could not suggest any improvements in service.

TI, Leonard Stanley – Nov 2020

I ordered online on Sunday evening, got a call on Monday morning and, before my son got home from school, the wood was delivered and beautifully stacked. How do you improve on that?

CM, Chippenham – Nov 2020

I don’t think I could possibly find anything to improve your service. The wood was delivered the day after the order was made and the appointment made minutes after the order. Friendly and prompt service.

SS, Wotton – Nov 2020

Prompt service, easy delivery, particularly impressed that the driver provided plastic to cover the wood.

CH, Longlevens – Nov 2020

Fast friendly and polite service from all staff, excellent value.

PF, Nailsworth – Nov 2020

Amazed and pleased by same day delivery – much better than others offered.

GN, Brockworth – Nov 2020

Appreciated the really quick delivery and the fact you put the bags into my log store for me! Wood quality is fantastic – thank you 🙂

ME, Churchdown – Nov 2020

Delighted both with the quality of the wood and the service. Got a phone call to make sure their planned delivery was convenient for me, and then it was delivered – the day after ordering.

EC, Wotton – Nov 2020

Amazing response. Elcombe were on the phone within 10 minutes asking if they could make the delivery in around 45 minutes. And they delivered at that time. Fantastic quality wood!

BS, Cheltenham – Nov 2020

Very prompt delivery! I think you have great and prompt service and your products live up to your description of them.

JB, Coaley – Nov 2020

Great customer service and communication, ordered one evening and delivered the next morning! Good quality, even sized pieces that are easy to stack

BD, Gloucester – Nov 2020

The service was fast and efficient with a call to confirm. It was much appreciated that you stacked the logs in the store I had ready

SR, Stroud – Nov 2020

Excellent wood and excellent service as always. Delivery drivers are always friendly and helpful. And super speedy delivery!

RY, Amberley – Nov 2020

Great quality firewood (good size and low moisture content), easy to buy, communication and delivery process is excellent.

SF, Stroud – Nov 2020

Delivery was very prompt – the day after ordering. The stacking service saves a lot of time so is worth paying the extra for that.

PJ, Sherston – Nov 2020

Rapid, timely, friendly service and excellent quality firewood.

SB, Sherston – Nov 2020

All I can say is great service! I ordered in the evening and you delivered our order 13 hours later. Excellent

JW, Bisley – Nov 2020

Excellent service. Came on the day requested, unloaded and stacked logs very efficiently.

SR, Bussage – Nov 2020

I’m delighted with our firewood, the delivery was quick and easy and the logs burn beautifully. Many thanks.

JW, Tetbury – Nov 2020

Ordered online over the weekend, had a phone call 1st thing Monday morning and my order was delivered a couple of hours later. Good dry clean logs. Both office staff and delivery guys are always cheerful and helpful.

CL, Paganhill – Nov 2020

Excellent service from Elcombe Firewood. Easy to order on the website, prompt response with delivery that afternoon. The netted logs are very helpful especially when you are senior citizens.

GS, Leonard stanley – Nov 2020

Absolutely excellent service as usual, ordered on line one evening, phone call and delivery received the next day. Driver placed logs exactly where requested out of the rain. Great size, not too big, good quality hardwood. Couldn’t be more pleased, you offer a great product and fantastic service, which is so rare these days. Thank you all so much, I will definitely buy from you again and have already recommended you to several friends and neighbours.

CB, Stroud – Nov 2020

Very quick delivery – the day after we placed the order. Logs stacked beautifully. The wood burns well and produces lots of heat. Will definitely purchase again!

SP, Stroud – Nov 2020

Great service – same-day delivery organised very soon after making online order.

TW, Pinfarthings – Nov 2020

always impeccable service and quick response to on-line orders. Thanks and take care

TS, Yate – Nov 2020

Very efficient, got my wood the same day and a phone call within 10 minutes of ordering online.

CW, Yate – Nov 2020

Excellent service, ordered one afternoon delivered the next morning.

MS, Stroud – Nov 2020

service is great, always very efficient and great quality firewood

DH, Gloucester – Nov 2020

As always an excellent service, great logs, thanks again, How can you improve on such a great service??

DL, Wotton – Nov 2020

Excellent service again. Bought online, phone call to confirm delivery date, very helpful driver. Thank you

SW, Dursley – Nov 2020

Fabulous service – delivered within 24 hours again! Great quality logs too.

JR, Cam – Nov 2020

We place our first order with you a week ago. Within an hour we had a call from you saying you were in the area and whether you could come along. Delivery guy turned up with the logs and kindling and dropped them exactly as requested and was a really friendly as well. First order to delivery 90 minutes !!! The service couldn’t have been bettered.

CJ, Yate – Nov 2020

Lovely wood and nice mix of sizes, we don’t always need big logs

TL, Stroud – Nov 2020

Your wood is the best we’ve tried by far, always deliver quickly. Keep up the good work 🙂

VD, Tetbury – Nov 2020

Ordered online, immediately Luke phoned to confirm delivery the next morning. Outstanding customer service and products.

JC, Chalford – Nov 2020

Thank you once again for a fast, efficient and friendly service. Very happy!

MH, Cambridge – Oct 2020

Speedy delivery and very considerately left under cover. Would highly recommend.

MS, Wotton – Oct 2020

Excellent wood delivered on day and time that I requested.

DM, Painswick – Oct 2020

Very hard to find any room for improvement, superb service and wood! Thank you

LS, Bristol – Oct 2020

Fantastic communication end to end. Speedy delivery (had ordered at 10pm and had my wood delivered by 10am the next morning!). Wasn’t expecting such a great service, but this sort of treatment will see me returning for sure. There are companies more local to us, but I really liked the sound of these guys so gave them a try. Glad I did! Really friendly service from Luke and Jacob

VP, Horsley – Oct 2020

Great service, not sure how it could be improved.

NH, Ebley – Oct 2020

Always fast reliable and well priced, once you’ve used the best you can forget the rest!

HW, Stroud – Oct 2020

Have already recommended you to my neighbours. I value your log stacking service very much. The chap who made my last delivery was very helpful and pleasant.

RB, Gloucester – Oct 2020

Top notch service

AB, Randwick – Oct 2020

Always a pleasure to deal with – outstanding customer service and totally reliable, quality firewood. We’ve been using Elcombe for years and wouldn’t even think of going elsewhere.

JW, Stroud – Oct 2020

The website is clear and ordering easy. Its good to have a straightforward telephone call to say when delivery will happen. Delivery driver courteous. Happy with everything!!

PB, Berkeley – Oct 2020

Brilliant service. Arrived next day! Brilliant quality logs! Will defiantly be buying again

AB, Whiteshill – Oct 2020

First class service, delivery same day. Very friendly service indeed….highly recommended.

CP, Nympsfield – Oct 2020

Incredible service. The nets were stacked (kindly by the chap who delivered) within a few hours of my weekend online order. The firewood is superb. Could not rate these chaps highly enough.

CF, Nailsworth – Oct 2020

No suggestions. Perfect wood, perfect service AND next day delivery! You even carted all the logs down our path for me and it was no trouble’. So grateful! Thank you

BS, Cranham – Oct 2020

Speedy delivery, great customer service and fantastic logs! Two thumbs up.

MF, Stroud – Oct 2020

I placed an order in mid-afternoon and the delivery was waiting on my drive when I arrived home from work that day. Extraordinary level of service and really great quality wood as well.

SF, Bussage – Oct 2020

You seem to have the balance right. I’m self employed and understand how to treat people, you seem to share that work ethic. Very pleased with the load. Good friendly service when placing the order. Good value.

LT, Horsley – Oct 2020

Excellent service, kind, always friendly, immediate delivery, patient with my questions and requests, All is perfect.

CE, Nailsworth – Oct 2020

Best firewood I have sourced in many years and will not go anywhere else other than elcombefirewood now. Great website and ordering process and excellent personal customer service when I called them. I think you have it just right. You have a fantastic product at the right price and you know how to communicate effectively and properly with your customers. I can’t fault you.

AH, Cirencester – Oct 2020

Very quick and efficient service. Have been burning your logs for at least 4 years and have always found good quality logs with good low moisture content

AH, Leonard Stanley – Oct 2020

I don’t think you could provide a better service, it’s brilliant as it is.

DH, Tuffley – Oct 2020

Yet again an exceptional service, excellent logs fast delivery, highly recommended

SG, Charlton – Oct 2020

Polite, efficient, friendly, great quality product delievered and stacked to perfection! super dry, long burning, low smoke, Only thing the driver didn’t do was light the fire-but if I’d asked I’m sure he would have!

MP, Gloucester – Oct 2020

5 star service as I ordered my logs on a Saturday, within an hour or so I received a call thanking me for my order and saying my delivery would be on the Monday morning which it was. A first class and 5 star service. Highly recommended. Will definitely order in the future. Thank you very much.

GD, Stroud – Oct 2020

Excellent as always. Helpful drivers as always. Keep doing what you do.

RH, Yatton – Oct 2020

Excellent and cheery, efficient stacking of the netted logs much appreciated

SC, Gloucester – Sep 2020

personal, professional and friendly service and of course; superb firewood

JH, Stroud – Sep 2020

In my opinion you’ve got it all right. Your website is super easy to use and delivery couldn’t be better, with a quick call from you to check when we’d like to get the delivery! Good work.

PW, Quedgeley – Sep 2020

Just great service all round. I ordered my logs at 7.50 am, received a call to see if they could be delivered that same day. At 2.pm the logs were delivered. That’s quicker than Amazon Prime. You cannot improve on perfection, so just keep doing what you do well.

RC, Nailsworth – Sep 2020

Terrific friendly and super-efficient service from the person in the office to the person who delivers the logs.

JL, Yate – Sep 2020

Brilliant next day service, logs are lovely and dry, ready to go. Thank you!!

NG, Kingswood – Sep 2020

We have been using these Kiln Dried Logs for 3/4 years now and when we have the annual service the engineer remarks on how clean the chimney is and wishes all were as good.

BW, Uley – Sep 2020

Service with a smile and banter. I’ll be back.

GT, Stroud – Sep 2020

Ordered logs on-line and they came a few hours later. Absolutely brilliant service as always. Driver helped carry bags for storing. He had forgotten the free kindling, and he brought it round in his own time the following day. I wish all home deliveries were as exceptional as yours!

SC, Cirencester – Sep 2020

Super fast service, and really appreciate the helpful and friendly delivery.

JA, Woodchester – Sep 2020

Great service – please carry on!

PF, Dursley – Sep 2020

wow fantastic service, I order the logs at 23:30 and they were delivered at 8:30 the next morning, quicker than amazon prime!!!

DT, Slimbridge – Sep 2020

Brilliant service , shortly after ordering on the web had a phone call to arrange delivery the same day. Could not be bettered!!

MR, Edge – August 2020

Can’t think of any room for improvement- everything excellent, thank you

LH, Stroud – August 2020

Really friendly service – easy to order and quick delivery. Logs are great quality and burn cleanly. Highly recommended

CP, Gloucester – August 2020

We have had logs for several years from you and they have always been first class! Nothing to add except your delivery was prompt and efficient this year, as always. Just keep on doing what you are doing.

JW, Middleyard – August 2020

Quality clean hardwood logs, no infill bits and pieces. Speedy on time delivery, no “in the next week or two”. Thoroughly recommend.

TF, Hempsted – August 2020

The quality of the wood is very good. The length of the wood was exactly right. Delivered the day after I placed the order. The delivery arrived on time. The driver was helpful and polite.

KT, Minchinhampton – August 2020

Great logs. Great service. Will be using regularly.

RM, Gloucester – August 2020

Don’t think you can improve never had a problem with you.

ND, Dursley – August 2020

Amazing, fast service. I had same day delivery – and it was great to have the option to pay for stacking. Lovely dry logs too.

MH, Tytherington – July 2020

I was very pleased with the quality, uniformity and quantity of wood delivered for the price. If this is reflective of all deliveries I would certainly use your service consistently

AM, Pitchcombe – July 2020

Difficult for you to improve on current services. Prompt & tidy deliveries with phone contact to fine tune deliveries. The logs are of standard lengths and are easy to stack

JW, Middleyard – July 2020

Excellent quality logs, brilliant service, thank you

AD, Dursley – July 2020

Quality wood, well stacked and prompt delivery. What else can you ask for? Great service

DF, Frampton Mansell – July 2020

keep up the good work … fantastic wood and fantastic service

FJ, Cam – July 2020

Brilliant service – excellent wood – very prompt delivery – can always be relied upon 10/10

SR, Stroud – July 2020

Very prompt and efficient service, excellent quality firewood.

FE, Thornbury – July 2020

As usual very prompt and efficient with excellent attention to customer service! I would highly recommend Elcombe

DW, Breadstone – June 2020

Can’t think of anything you could improve on – from order to delivery you were brilliant – thank you

LD, Stroud – June 2020

Logs well seasoned, logs that are ready for burning. Fast, efficient and friendly service.

DR, Cam – June 2020

Just wanted to say how amazing I find your service and your team. Super quick delivery, put in an easy to move location and excellent quality!

CF, Bristol – June 2020

Even though we have only ordered from you twice we wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for our wood. Competitive prices, prompt delivery and excellent friendly customer service.

MR, Edge – May 2020

All very good and excellent service. We like the bag of free kindling too!

RU, Tytherington – May 2020

The last delivery was excellent. Ordered in the morning and you delivered in the afternoon. Can’t complain at all! It does the job well!

IM, Watledge – May 2020

Brilliant, totally brilliant. Order arrived within a few hours and was neatly stacked in my logstore – gives me a warm feeling just looking at it!

JH, Didmarton – May 2020

Fantastic product. Fantastic service.

AV, Alveston – May 2020

Booked Sunday Evening, delivered Mid morning Monday. Fast and efficient service. Great quality product

DB, Eastcombe – May 2020

Excellent firewood and even better service throughout the many years I have relied upon Luke and the team.

PS, Painswick – May 2020

There is always a series of constants with Elcombe. Response to the order – always first class. Service and delivery – always first class. Quality of firewood – always first class. Thank you as always Luke!

PM, Stroud – May 2020

We won’t go anywhere else for logs! Thank you once again Luke, for a first class service! Efficient, friendly service as always. Great quality of logs, again – Excellent!

NT, Thornbury – May 2020

Fantastic service!

GS, Nailsworth – May 2020

None. Keep doing what you are doing – a fast response to my order and confirmation of a suitable time for delivery – then keeping to that time. Excellent quality and size makes my job of stacking them a lot easier!

AL, Cheltenham – May 2020

Prompt reliable advice ,help and delivery thank you

IH, Stroud – May 2020

Top quality firewood with top quality service

PP, Stonehouse – May 2020

Excellent service. Delivery is very quick, the stacking service is brilliant and everyone is always very professional and very polite. Wood quality is great.

AW, Stroud – May 2020

Great quality firewood. Burns really well.

PD, Horsley – May 2020

I think you do a good job and are very efficient and accommodating.

DC, Cirencester – May 2020

Excellent service. Would recommend to anyone.

JN, Gloucester – May 2020

I’ve only had a woodburner for a short time and this was the first time I’d ordered firewood from anyone. It arrived promptly, dropped where I wanted and burns well.

PB, Nailsworth – May 2020

Very happy with the service, efficient and friendly. Quality of the firewood always good

RT, Tetbury – May 2020

Efficient fantastic prompt service and kiln fries are a wonderful product!

JD, Chippenham – May 2020

Really happy – friendly delivery driver; well cut and well seasoned wood.Consistent length< nothing too chunky to fit in the stove We’ll be back next time 🙂

TH, Cam – Apr 2020

Fast and efficient service. Same day delivery, what more could you ask for?!

RG, Brimscombe – Apr 2020

What a tremendous service. Phone call to arrange suitable delivery time. Arrived on time and before I could get shoes on say hi wood had been carried into the garden and stacked in the wood store.

CG, Berkeley – Apr 2020

Fast, friendly and efficient. Came promptly at agreed time and the wood is great

RD, Nailsworth – Apr 2020

Absolutely brilliant service: Placed an order via Website, had a call to tell me when it could be delivered and was that okay, turned up when said and stacked (Paid service) extremely well and neatly. Excellent service- Kiln dried logs burn well too and give out good heat.

CW, Quedgeley – Apr 2020

A very friendly and proficient service… id recommend to anyone who has a wood burner.

TJ, Eastcombe – Apr – 2020

Service was absolutely brilliant even when I ordered wrong size logs for my log burner. They were replaced with the new ones very promptly. Thank you very much.

JP, Churchdown – Apr 2020

Brilliant service from start to finish! Excellent product. Fast delivery. All staff helpful, friendly and polite.

HO, Westonbirt – Apr 2020

Faultless Service, top quality firewood, no need to split a single log!

DW, Breadstone – Apr 2020

Great service all round, order arrived the next day. Would highly recommend.

KS, Nailsworth – Apr 2020

You always deliver quickly with friendly staff, and the woods always good.

AH, Nailsworth – Apr 2020

A super efficient service with delivery being the day after I ordered the wood and you carried it down steps and stacked it for me for which I am very grateful

JB, Malmsbury – Apr 2020

Have just recommended you yesterday, to my sister-in-law, Such quick, efficient and friendly service. Ordered the day before, was even told roughly what time it would be delivered. Paid for the stacking service…well worth it.

JA, Longlevens – Apr 2020

Will be ordering again as soon as we run out. Excellent work with our first order – very impressed!

MR, Winterbourne – Apr 2020


TW, Longney – Apr 2020

Prompt service. Quality of wood is excellent. We do shop around but always come back. Generous quantities prompt delivery!

AJ, Gloucester – Mar 2020

Luke,Thanks for the log delivery today. We have some burning right now and these are the best batch we’ve had from you to date. Thank you again for your awesome service

AW, Stroud – Mar 2020

My congratulations to your driver. They somehow managed to deliver the wood despite the parked cars in the road. The load was placed in the best possible position. When I came home I was really pleased, so very well done.

AB, Nailsworth – Mar 2020

Can’t fault the service, been a customer for a few years now and the service hasn’t slipped. Friendly staff, prompt delivery, keep it up guys!

SP, Shurdington – Mar 2020

Faultless service from first contact to delivery – quick, efficient, courteous…and great logs!

SS, Box – Mar 2020

Brilliant service, It is exactly right for us.. Delivered exactly where I asked it to be. Super dry logs. Thank you.

SH, Uley – Mar 2020

Quality firewood combined with fast, efficient and courteous service. Special thanks to the delivery driver who willingly carried 20 net bags of kiln dried wood up to our wood store and was only slightly out of breath! Many thanks.

DT, Gloucester – Mar 2020

Quick to deliver and always the best quality seasoned wood

NH, Ebley – Mar 2020

Fast efficient friendly service, who could ask for more?

TP, Randwick – Mar 2020

I rang in the morning for wood and it was delivered that afternoon. Very impressed! I have bought wood on many occasions and will definitely be buying some more.

PP, Stonehouse – Mar 2020

Brilliant service as always! Prompt delivery and stacking.

GT, Stroud – Mar 2020

Absolutely brilliant service as always, from ordering on-line, speaking to Luke, and the very prompt next-day delivery. The driver helped my husband carry the bagged logs without being asked, to the back of our house. I wouldn’t dream of buying logs from any other company.

AS, Stroud – Mar 2020

First class!! The quality of the logs is excellent.

JO, Cam Mar 2020

Very happy with this service

AW, Eastcombe – Mar 2020

Thanks for covering my delivery of logs, it kept them nice and dry till I was able to store them.

SS, Horsley – Mar 2020

Excellent service and prompt delivery with great firewood. What more could you want!

TW, Amberley – Mar 2020

Service brilliant as usual!!!!

MH, Yate – Mar 2020

A great product and fast efficient service

AC, Minchinhampton – Mar 2020

Excellent burns really well! Extremely courteous and friendly delivered the next morning perfect!

CP, Bisley – Mar 2020

Lovely dry hardwood logs, perfect size for my log burner.

PR, South Cerney – Mar 2020

Fantastic service as always: delivered day after ordering, just as described, and left where I asked for it to be left. Thank you.

JAF, Uley – Mar 2020

Talk about heat! Fantastic!

IS, Wickwar – Feb 2020

Amazing quick service (same day). Great quality dry logs

JC, Stroud – Feb 2020

I use Elcombe every time the wood store’s about to empty – outstanding, rapid service and an excellent product

BC, Stonehouse – Feb 2020

As always quality product from quality company. Great service, fast delivery, you want the best? go to Elcombefirewood.

GR, Dursley – Feb 2020

Immediate response to on line order. Driver on time as promised. Dropped load as requested. Excellent , cheerful and very pleasant

CS, Wooton under edge – Feb 2020

Delivery follows order flawlessly. Most recent protected from rain by plastic sheeting.

MW, Stroud – Feb 2020

Very reliable, even at short notice. We appreciate the delivery and stacking service, especially as our house can be difficult to find and has poor access. Thanks again!

JA, Pitchcombe – Feb 2020

Top quality wood delivered within 3 hours of ordering! Excellent service. Keep doing what you are doing!

YC, Gloucester – Feb 2020

Excellent service as usual, very quick to deliver and friendly staff

VB, Corston – Feb 2020

Ordered and delivered within 5 five hours!!! Wood and service was brilliant!

MD, Chippenham – Feb 2020

Have used them three times now, always great communication and prompt delivery.

AH, Leonard Stanley – Feb 2020

I’ll keep buying from Elcombe Firewood!

DB, Cheltenham – Feb 2020

Amazingly fast service; great quality of logs; couldn’t really ask for any more to be honest! Many thanks

CR, Oakridge Lynch – Feb 2020

Swift, reliable and friendly service. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

LG, Wooton under edge – Feb 2020

Excellent, fast efficient service

ID, Haresfield – Feb 2020

I think your service is perfect as it is. I particularly like the fact that you eventually run out of seasoned, this gives me confidence that you aren’t going to send me soggywood and pretend it’s oven ready.

PM, Sheepscombe – Feb 2020

Fantastic service quick efficient with super customer service. You pay a bit more for the logs but they burn better and longer making the stove more efficient and giving longevity to both the stove and the flu.

LH, Avening – Feb 2020

Fast efficient service with good quality wood – whats to fault!

SJ, Tresham – Feb 2020

Have been using Elcombe for some time now, always happy with service and quality of logs.

NM, Stroud – Feb 2020

Good quality logs as usual. Thank you to Luke and co.

JN Ebley – Feb 2020

Good quality and cut to good size…..What you’re doing seems to working. Very efficient service.

JH, Eastcombe – Feb 2020

Excellent in all ways.

AM, Bussage – Feb 2020

Always found the kiln dried excellent for heat and burning time, always receive excellent service from Luke

DD, Stroud – Feb 2020

Excellent service as always. You are always prompt to respond and even delivered our logs same day. Wouldn’t buy anywhere else now!

EB, Painswick – Jan 2020

Thank you for the speedy delivery of the logs, they have been burning really well and couldn’t have timed the delivery better, our boiler broke down on the same day so we have been making good use of our log burner.

MY, Nympsfield – Jan 2020

Excellent service – order online in the morning and the logs were delivered in the afternoon. Fabulous logs – they burn really hot and for a longtime; far superior to the logs we have purchased elsewhere.

BC, Stroud – Jan 2020

excellent service. Delivery within 24 hrs. Efficiently stacked.Thanks!

MB, Gloucester – Jan 2020

I have dealt with this company many times now since I purchased our woodburner and since then kiln dried logs etc…Excellent – very good quality and I can tell the difference from those I purchased from another source. I would highly recommend this company not only for the quality of their products but for the excellent after sales service and advice – nothing is too much trouble and they go out of their way to follow through on all queries.

KC, Leonard Stanley – Jan 2020

Seriously impressed that I placed my order, on line, at 7am and Wood was delivered by 1pm. Wow!

TH, Cam – Jan 2020

You cannot improve as your service is 5* always very helpful and friendly

CE, Nailsworth – Jan 2020

Best firewood I have had in many years. Its the first time I have used elcombefirewood and I can not see me using anyone else from now on. Great website and ordering process and excellent personal customer service when I called them. I was really impressed with how smoothly and efficiently the process was to order and then get the wood supplied. Friendly and helpful driver who put them in the right spot and really good direct communication with Luke. Finally the quality and size of the wood is excellent.

MR, Winterbourne – Jan 2020

I have been buying firewood from you for around 10 years now. The quality of the wood is always excellent as is the friendly, helpful service.

GA, Selsley – Jan 2020

We couldn’t ask for a more consistently excellent service and product. Very fast delivery, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly drivers and logs that always burn well. Thank you!

GL, Cheltenham – Jan 2020

Ordered online late afternoon and was delivered to our home early next morning by a very friendly driver. Very quick and efficient service.

AF, Stroud – Jan 2020

As far as I am concerned your service was absolutely perfect for our needs

CC, Stroud – Jan 2020

A very quick and efficient service, thank you. My cottage is not easily accessible, but it want a problem, and when I arrived home from work the logs were all stacked up neatly as requested. Many thanks, and I’ll definitely use you again.

DH, Tuffley – Jan 2020

Yet again another great service, so quick to respond and deliver order, wouldn’t go any where else!!

SC, Box – Jan 2020

Great wood, and I love the coffee briquettes! The bags are easy to carry and the briquettes don’t make a mess in the hearth because they’re so compressed. And they burn really well!

JN, Tetbury – Jan 2020

Prompt delivery. Wonderful service and fantastic quality logs!

CP, Nympsfield – Jan 2020

I placed an online order in the morning and they were delivered by lunchtime! We were blown away by the exceptional service and the quality of the logs. We will not go elsewhere now. Super job! Absolutely superb!

AB, Randwick – Jan 2020

The excellent quality of Elcombe’s firewood is matched by their reliable, accommodating and friendly service from start to finish. I was also extremely grateful for their neat and efficient stacking service for a recent delivery to my elderly parents who couldn’t manage it themselves. We wouldn’t buy our wood from anyone else!

RW, Charfield – Jan 2020

Excellent service.

JW, Fairford – Jan 2020

Hi Luke In my view you guys couldn’t improve at all.Thank you and happy new year… All the Best! J

SB, Stroud – Jan 2020

Amazing service. Second delivery of very dry wood within 4 hours of ordering. Can’t get much better than that. Thank you Luke and the team!

JH, Woodchester -Jan 2020

Customer service, delivery exceptional

SR, Stonehouse – Jan 2020

Always had excellent service, quick and efficient. Great quality wood. Thank you

SB, Tetbury – Jan 2020

Excellent service stacked all neatly would recommend and have again great service and value for money.

DN, Nailsworth – Jan 2020

Keep doing what you do so well.

RM, Gloucester – Jan 2020

Nothing to improve on!

SW, Cam – Jan 2020

Wonderful prompt delivery (within 24 hours) of high quality products.. Burns exceedingly well and is uniformly cut!

AP, Stonehouse – Jan 2020

Was really pleased to have the delivery driver help me carry the nets from the truck to my house. It was much appreciated when there was 20 of them!

MA, Cam – Jan 2020

Always a pleasure to deal with Elcombe Firewood. I’m extremely happy with the service and have been very happy with the installation – I can honestly say the money I spent on my woodburner is the best investment I’ve made!

SB, Wotton – Jan 2020

Top service, super fast delivery. Keep it up!

BC, Tetbury – Jan 2020

Not much to add, wood arrived within 24 hrs of placing the order. That’s service!

JL, Brimscombe – Dec 2019

Excellent service and great fire wood. My order was placed in the morning and delivered in the afternoon so very impressed. Everyone Was helpful and friendly I would definitely recommend.

KG, Brimscombe – Dec 2019

I placed the order late one evening, got a phone call early the next morning & delivery that day. The logs were wrapped & protected from the rain too. I have already recommended you!

PW, Quedgeley – Dec 2019

Just keep doing what you are doing. You cannot improve excellence.

TI, Leonard stanley – Dec 2019

I ordered via the website and was called seconds later to see if it would be okay if the logs were delivered that afternoon – I don’t think you can improve on that level of service! Thanks!

DT, Horsley – Dec 2019

Loved the way the wood came and was so carefully covered. Great service.

DT, Cheltenham – Dec 2019

I can’t think of any improvements. You deliver promptly and Luke is very polite! (With patient drivers as they can’t park nearby). The logs are very good, and I have not ever needed to look elsewhere. Many thanks Elcombe.

NS, Stroud – Dec 2019

Amazingly prompt service!

MK, Amberley – Dec 2019

So kind of you to put it where we wanted it. Excellent service

NM, Bisley – Dec 2019

Brilliant service and brilliant logs! Well done!

RD, Nailsworth – Dec 2019

Great efficient service. Logs are all a good size and dry. The ones I’ve used burn well and easily. Phone call to let me know the order was there and when it could be delivered and very neatly stacked. Good job again, Thank you.

NM, Stroud – Dec 2019

Thank you for the log delivery. Nice work, as usual. Happy Xmas to you all. Cheers, Nick

JE, Dursley – Dec 2019

Keep doing what you’re already doing fantastic service speedy delivery, you make the rest look like amateurs

JB, Coaley – Dec 2019

Service was excellent, very quick confirmation of delivery time, driver was helpful and considerate and logs were evenly cut and easy to stack. Highly recommended