Contura: A warm welcome home






Contura. A warm welcome home.

“We want to enjoy the fire as much as possible, from all corners of the room. It is so nice to see and feel the fire when preparing the food. You can’t beat a meal with the heat and warm glow from the fire.”







Lagom – The Swedish Hygge.

The word ‘lagom’ is an Old Norse term meaning ‘team’ in Swedish. Its roots stretch back to Viking times, when they would gather around the fire at night, drinking from horns filled with mead. Everyone was encouraged to take no more than their fair share so that others could also get their fill. Lagom means not too little or too much, but just right. It is the mindfulness of physical and mental state. Lagom is about family and place, environment and calmness.

Quality, quality of life and comfort is the hallmark of every Contura stove. Homes come in many different sizes and you will always find something in our range that suits your style, wherever you are.








Introducing Cosyology.

A stove from Contura will spread warmth and cosiness in your home for many years to come.

We take great pride in supplying our customers with stunning, high quality Contura stoves that are both environmentally friendly and affordable. However, we also want to ensure that our service does not just end at the sale of a stove.

So that’s why we offer ‘Cosyology by Contura’, a complete guide on how to embrace the Swedish way of living and improve your health and well-being by getting the most out of your Contura stove!

For instance, a cup of coffee and a bun are central to the Swedish culture of cosiness. Did you know that Swedes spend about 240 hours a year sipping coffee and nibbling buns? An average coffee break lasts 24 minutes outside of work and 14 minutes in the workplace. Swedes love coffee, drinking more than 3 cups a day on average.










Environmentally Friendly.

The heat from a fire is not just a cosiness factor that triggers deep feelings of safety and community, it is also a sensible and modern solution that maximises both your and nature’s resources.

Sweden’s green approach to the climate has always been ahead of the game. Today, over 50% of their national energy supply is provided by renewables. This is more than twice that of the UK. And so it should come as little surprise that all stoves in the Swedish Contura range are designed to be carbon-neutral.


Elcombe & Contura: The Perfect Team.

Elcombe Fire & Wood are proud to sell the Contura range of stoves. Our showroom in Stroud has a number of their most stylish wood-burning stoves on display and our widescreen 310 G is always alight, warming the shop with all its beauty. From initial interest to purchase, delivery, and professional installation for all wood-burning stoves, Elcombe can take your hand and lead you through the whole process. We even offer a free survey to help you choose the very best Contura wood-burning stove for you and your home.

Time to grab a coffee (and a cinnamon bun!), head for the sofa and browse our fabulous Contura range of stoves.

Email us at, call our showroom on 01453 700211 or simply visit us at 223 Bath Road, Stroud. GL5 3TA to see for yourself the Contura stoves we have on display. We would love to hear from you.