Cosyology By Contura.







Contura Stoves.

What a difference a stove makes. A cup of tea, family time or a good book – made all the more pleasurable by a glowing fire. A stove from Contura provides tranquillity, inspiration and peace of mind. It brings people together. It fills you with a special feeling. It’s that feeling of cosiness that Contura love to embrace. They believe that building more relaxation into our daily lives is beneficial to everyone’s health and general well-being.

Contura make high-quality stoves that heat and enhance your home. But they strongly believe that the biggest change comes from us by simply considering the cosy factor in our lives. Below are a few of their tips.






Cosy time, Swedish style.

A cup of tea and a bun – central to the Swedish culture of cosiness. Did you know that Swedes spend about 240 hours a year sipping coffee and nibbling buns? An average coffee break lasts 24 minutes outside of work and 14 minutes in the workplace. Swedes love coffee, drinking more than 3 cups a day on average.

A fast mug cake is a sticky chocolate cake in a mug! And you can make a fast mug cake in a matter of minutes. Here’s how.

1 tbsp melted butter, 2 tbsp plain flour, 2 tbsp granulated sugar, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 2 tbsp milk, 1/2 tsp vanilla sugar, 1/2 tsp baking powder and a pinch of salt.

Simply mix all the ingredients and pur into a large mug. Pop in the microwave at full power for about 1 minute. Ready!






Find Your Style.

There is nothing cosier than a real fire. As well as creating a cosy, comfortable feeling in your home, the heat from the fire provides a deep sense of security and togetherness. A stove from Contura will spread warmth and cosiness throughout your home for years to come. And so it’s best to choose with care!

When choosing a stove, it’s important to consider what your home looks like. How large an area should it heat? What does the space where it will be installed look like? Contura have woodburners, soapstone stoves, cast-iron stoves, tiled stoves, masonry stoves, inserts, cassettes and electric fireplaces – all special in their own way. A stove fills a practical and an emotional purpose. It can enhance the appearance of your home and you never know which your stove is until you see it!

Elcombe & Contura: The Perfect Team.

Elcombe Fire & Wood are proud to sell the Contura range of stoves. Our showroom in Stroud has a number of their most stylish wood-burning stoves on display and our widescreen 310 G is always alight, warming the shop with all its beauty. From initial interest to purchase, delivery, and professional installation for all wood-burning stoves, Elcombe can take your hand and lead you through the whole process. We even offer a free survey to help you choose the very best Contura wood-burning stove for you and your home.

Time to grab a coffee (and a cinnamon bun!), head for the sofa and browse our Contura stoves.

Email us at, call our showroom on 01453 700211 or simply visit us at 223 Bath Road, Stroud. GL5 3TA to see for yourself the Contura stoves we have on display. We would love to hear from you.