“Ready to Burn” Firewood & EcoDesign 2022: The Bright Future of Wood Burning Stoves.

 “Ready to Burn” Firewood and EcoDesign 2022: Why It Matters.

“The future of wood burning stoves is bright, and Elcombe Fire & Wood are at the forefront of the green revolution.”

Contrary to misleading media reports, wood burning stoves are not about to be banned in the UK. However, by 2022, all new wood burning stoves sold in the UK will have to adhere to stringent new Ecodesign 2022 standards to help reduce our carbon emissions and improve air quality for everyone. 

There are already many EcoDesign 2022 compliant stoves available on the market. Ecodesign Ready stoves have been independently tested to verify that they meet the forthcoming Ecodesign test criteria that will be introduced as a requirement in 2022. These stoves have been tested to ensure low outputs of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and a range of other emissions. Whereas standard CE approved stoves only have to pass a far easier standard on CO.

SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves also have to have efficiency of at least 75%. This is opposed to the 65% requirement for a standard CE approved stove.

Find out more about the Government’s Clean Air Strategy.

Are wood burning stoves at all “green”?

Yes, wood burning stoves are a genuine renewable low carbon method of heating, and the modern stoves also have low levels of emissions. A key aspect here is the carbon neutral nature of wood burning. Trees remove as much CO2 during their lives as they produce being burnt in a wood burning stove. Wood is also a sustainable resource. There is more than enough home-grown wood to ensure it is sustainable. Furthermore, new Ecodesign Ready stoves are more efficient than either an open fire or a ten year old stove. They use less logs to generate the same heat output.

Kiln-dried Logs – “Woodsure – Ready to Burn”

Whether or not your woodburner is Ecodesign compliant, you are always doing better for the environment and for the efficient operation of your stove by burning dry wood with a moisture content below 20%. Burning wet wood creates more smoke and emissions which are not good for those breathing them in. Appliances are also generally dirtier when burning wet wood and you will have to buy and burn more wood to keep you warm. A 2kg unseasoned log with 50% moisture is half water (up to 1 litre!). Burning wet wood means that much of the heat generated is used to boil off excess water, leaving less heat to be passed to your room or to a water-heating or central heating system.

Elcombe Fire & Wood were the first firewood business to be given official Woodsure Ready-To-Burn accreditation in Gloucestershire. They are very cost effective, with a typical moisture content of 15% and are guaranteed to have a maximum moisture content of 20%.

Who are Woodsure and why are they so important to the government’s Clean Air Strategy?

Approved under the Woodsure Ready-To-Burn scheme, our kiln-dried logs are the driest firewood you can buy!  The lower the moisture content of your firewood, the more heat is produced as less energy is used to evaporate any remaining moisture. This means more heat for your room with less smoke and steam going up the chimney. (And cleaner air for everyone)

A basket of kiln-dried logs can produce as much heat and last as long as 2 baskets of seasoned logs. We use kilns heated with renewable energy, using waste wood.

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