Ekol: Endless Possibilities.

Ekol: Endless Possibilities.

“We believe there is great beauty in something so perfectly engineered that it appears so simple.”

Equally at home in the city or countryside, all Ekol stoves can be used to burn wood in any area of the UK. All models are so Ultra-Clean Burning, they are up to 8 times cleaner than the required standard for smoke control areas. All are officially recognised by DEFRA as exempt appliances.

British Designed.

Ekol Wood burners have passed with flying colours, the stringent ‘DEFRA’ testing – They are Ultra-Clean Burning and a positive leap forwards environmentally.”

The Ekol range of wood burning stoves has been designed and developed in Dorset, England. Ekol are based in the old Saxon town of Wareham on the edge of Poole harbour, close to the jurassic coast.

Ekol stoves have been developed from a desire to create truly environmentally friendly Wood burning stoves which are beautiful yet subtly understated. Where form is in perfect harmony with function, and that function is so advanced that smoke seems to literally disappear as if by magic.

Ekol stoves have been developed without compromise, ensuring the best burning results and each lovingly hand built from individually cast components by the most skilled of foundry craftsmen. Ekol stoves are built to last, to perform as intended every time, and with minimal maintenance.

Superior in quality of materials and construction, and all this at a price which does not break the bank, we believe that few people can afford to be without one.

Introduction To Adept Concept

“We decided that these options had to be useful as well as beautiful. We aim to combine practical robust materials which have their own tactile beauty and simple, perfectly proportioned form.”

The Adept Concept is simply based on Ekol’s passion to combine the perfect fire experience with practical and beautiful design that can morph to suit your individual style, lifestyle and home.

Their experienced engineers were put to work in a laboratory and told they could not come out again until they had perfected the ideal firebox for optimum wood burning! After 12 months, the engineers emerged with a square box. The box appeared little different to many other square boxes available today. That is until a few logs are put in and it is set alight! 

Because the Ekol engineers have balanced the optimum air-flow design, advanced re-burning of gases for ultra-clean emissions, high efficiency and easy to use controls for maximum heat from your logs with minimal effort from you.

Fire Without Smoke

“For playing your part in saving the planet, you will be instantly rewarded with a mesmerising flame effect unique to Ekol Stove Technology – Then of course you will notice your heating bills all but disappear.”

For Millennia fire has produced smoke. But not any more. Ekol stoves have developed a wood-burning/multi-fuel stove which emits a clean vapour – wood-burning stoves which are so clean burning, they are officially recognised by DEFRA and can be used in all UK smokeless zones/smoke control areas.

Elcombe & Ekol: The Perfect Team.

Elcombe Fire & Wood are proud to sell the Ekol range of stoves. Our showroom in Stroud has a number of their most stylish wood-burning stoves on display, including the Clarity Vision and the Clarity 5. From initial interest to purchase, delivery, and professional installation for all wood-burning stoves, Elcombe can take your hand and lead you through the whole process. We even offer a free survey to help you choose the very best Ekol wood-burning stove for you and your home.

Time to grab a coffee (or a Dorset cream tea!), head for the sofa and browse our Ekol range of stoves

Email us at info@elcombefirewood.co.uk, call our showroom on 01453 700211 or simply visit us at 223 Bath Road, Stroud. GL5 3TA to see for yourself the Ekol stoves we have on display. We would love to hear from you.