HETA: Cosy Heat For Living.

HETA: Cosy Heat For Living.

What freedom is to Americans, Hygge is to Danes.”

The warm and cosy philosophy of Hygge has been an integral part of Danish culture since the early 19th Century. At its heart is comfort and familiarity. It’s Scandi-style interior design. It’s reading a good book while submerged in a hot bath. It’s going for a long walk with family or friends and coming home to a wood-burning fire – with a mug of hot chocolate and a weighty blanket and the radio playing as the fire warms your toes.

Heta: Danish Design and Quality.

“When you choose a HETA stove, you get Danish design and quality developed through more than 150 years.”

HETA are constantly developing, updating and extending their impressive range of stoves. Craftsmanship and the pride of creating their own products are still the main characteristics of HETA, and these values are clearly reflected in their innovative and functional stoves.

All HETA stoves have impressively high burning value, so you get more out of your firewood, and polluting gases are burned before leaving the chimney.

All stoves are individually inspected before leaving the factory. In addition to that, you naturally get a full five years’ warranty on your HETA stove.

Environment and Future

HETA feel strongly about the environment and our common future. For many years, they have been working intensely on environmentally friendly manufacturing of clean burning stoves for the benefit of the environment.

All HETA stoves have impressively high burning value close to 100%, so you get more out of your firewood, and polluting gases are burned off before leaving the chimney.

HETA’s stoves are some of the most clean-burning stoves in Europe. They are tested in accordance with applicable regulations in Norway, Denmark, Germany as well as the new European standard.

HETA’s completely unique fire chamber and air channels mean that CO2 and harmful particles are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Reducing CO2

The unique sizing of the fire chamber and air channels in HETA stoves reduces CO2 and harmful particles to an absolute minimum.

HETA’s modern combustion technique Clean Burn is particularly effective and removes soot particles on the glass door and through smoke vents. A healthy and comfortable radiation heat starts up immediately through the large glass windows when you light your stove and shortly after the convection system starts spreading the heat and cosiness in the room and the adjoining rooms.

In addition, many of HETA’s products come with heat-retaining stone – soapstone, sandstone, granite or ceramic – retaining and slowly releasing the heat for many hours.

Clean Burn

HETA’s Clean Burn combustion technology ensures that combustion air is free-flowing and feeds combustion without any resistance. The preheated tertiary air supply burns the remaining gases before the smoke enters the chimney, making it an important factor for environmentally friendly combustion. The hot convection air is the air that is distributed to the surrounding area, which – together with the radiant heat from the glass window – constitutes the direct heat source.

The heat is better exploited and you can enjoy the view of the flames through the large glass window in the door – completely without soot.

Elcombe & HETA: The Perfect Team.

Elcombe Fire & Wood are proud to sell the HETA range of stoves. Our showroom in Stroud has a number of their most stylish wood-burning stoves on display including the Inspire 45 and the Ambition. From initial interest to purchase, delivery, and professional installation for all wood-burning stoves, Elcombe Fire & Wood can take your hand and lead you through the whole process. We even offer a free survey to help you choose the very best HETA wood-burning stove for you and your home.

Time to grab a coffee (and some Hygge!), head for the sofa and browse our HETA range

Email us at info@elcombefirewood.co.uk, call our showroom on 01453 700211 or simply visit us at 223 Bath Road, Stroud. GL5 3TA to see for yourself the HETA stoves we have on display. We would love to hear from you.