Guaranteed Seasoned Logs

Our best-selling HETAS and Woodsure Plus accredited seasoned logs are all from locally-sourced sustainably managed woodlands.

We’re different! We take a lot of time and trouble firstly to split our firewood to a consistent maximum length and then to make sure it’s fully seasoned.

We test each load before delivery to ensure the maximum moisture content at the centre of the log is no more than 25%, and we then carefully measure the volume of logs for each and every delivery.

Different types of wood take different lengths of time to dry out, that’s why we keep our softwood, hardwood and oak logs separate so we can guarantee you’ll be getting consistently and fully seasoned logs in each delivery.

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  • Seasoned Oak Logs

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  • Seasoned hardwood logs

    Seasoned Hardwood Logs

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  • Softwood and hardwood logs mix

    Woodburner Pro

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  • Woodburner Pro

    Seasoned Softwood Logs

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  • Log stacking in Gloucestershire and North Bristol

    Log Stacking or Moving (per cubic metre)

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