Kiln-dried Logs - "Woodsure - Ready to Burn"

We recommend our premium kiln-dried logs for woodburning stoves. They are very cost effective, with a typical moisture content of 15% and are guaranteed to have a maximum moisture content of 20%.

Approved under the Woodsure Ready  To Burn scheme, our kiln-dried logs are the driest firewood you can buy!  The lower the moisture content of your firewood, the more heat is produced as less energy is used to evaporate any remaining moisture. This means more heat for your room with less smoke and steam going up the chimney. (And cleaner air for everyone)

A basket of kiln-dried logs can produce as much heat and last as long as 2 baskets of seasoned logs. We use kilns heated with renewable energy, using waste wood.

All our kiln-dried logs are 10″ / 25cm long.

Individual nets of our “Woodsure – Ready to Burn” kiln dried logs can be bought from the “Love your stove” showroom in Stroud. Click here for directions and opening times

Buy online or ring 01453 358024 for bulk home deliveries


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