Quality, quality of life and comfort is the hallmark of every Contura stove. Homes come in many different sizes and you will always find something in our range that suits your style, wherever you are.

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  • Contura 52T

    A modern cast-iron stove £1,995.00
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  • Contura i6

    For those who have their own ideas £1,895.00
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  • Contura C310 G

    The perfect choice £1,895.00
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  • Contura i4 insert

    It gives the room a new sense of style £1,495.00
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  • Contura i5

    The fire is always visible through large, clean glass £1,495.00
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  • Contura C51L

    A modern cast-iron stove with clean lines £1,295.00
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