Our restaurant Grade Charcoal is large pieces of hardwood charcoal produced from Lumpwood, which is often used in BBQ ovens as they burn at a consistent hot temperature, and are also longer lasting due to the size of the charcoal pieces. Excellent hardwood charcoal, burns hotter and longer than any other type of charcoal! Produces less smoke, sparks and spitting than other charcoal! Suitable for Catering, Open Stoves / Ovens, BBQs, Pizza Ovens etc…



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Our restaurant grade charcoal is perfect for those cosy summer barbeques with the friends and family. You know its summer when you catch the smell of hot charcoal on the breeze. A good barbeque is the true sign of summer, but you can fire the coals up at any time of year. Make the most of every ray of sunshine by stocking up on charcoal for your next impromptu grilling session, Sausages and burgers not included!


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