“Dr Heat” Firelighters

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Eco-friendly packs of 30 firelighters. Made in the South West and guaranteed not to leave your hands stinking of kerosene after you’ve used them…

  • Carbon neutral
  • Pleasant to handle
  • Do not give off a noxious smell
  • Very long lasting
  • Easy to light
  • Produced from locally grown crops
  • Super Eco Friendly!

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  • 3+ packs £3.60 per pack
  • 5+ packs £3.20 per pack.



At last – a firelighter that doesn’t smell when it burns and doesn’t leave your hands stinking of kerosene!

Eco Friendly Firelighters produced exclusively from shredded Miscanthus grass, grown in the South West. They’re mixed with recycled candle wax and moulded into a compact cube.

  • Carbon neutral
  • Pleasant to handle
  • Do not give off a noxious smell
  • Very long lasting
  • Easy to light
  • Produced from locally grown crops

About Miscanthus:

Each tonne of Miscanthus burnt, in replacement of coal, will prevent up to two tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted. In addition, the growing of the crop is likely to also become a means of saving carbon, as the crop actively sequesters amounts below ground.

  • High dry matter yield
  • Efficient use of available nutrients
  • Efficient water usage due to deep rooting
  • No recognised Pests & Diseases
  • Requires no pesticides or chemical fertilisers

Miscanthus is a perennial grass, which ticks all the boxes as the ideal energy crop for combustion to generate heat and electricity. It is recognized as the number one energy crop by the biggest power producers in the UK as a carbon neutral replacement to coal.

Established once, the crop lasts for at least 30 years, without replanting. The crop is harvested annually in the spring when the canes have naturally ripened. Due to its fast competitive nature of growth established crops require no pesticide weed treatment.

11 reviews for “Dr Heat” Firelighters

  1. GA (verified owner)

    Fantastic firefighters, superb!

  2. LS (verified owner)

    easy to order

  3. GT

    I wouldn’t dream of buying from any other supplier.

  4. AN (verified owner)

    They came the following today this week! Amazing….

  5. s (verified owner)

    A splendid local service supplying our outdoor fire pit needs. The fire lighters are clean and no black smoke

  6. GA (verified owner)

    Love the firefighters which are extremely effective and thank you for the kindling.

  7. KK (verified owner)

    Excellent and prompt service. The sweet smelling and eco friendly fire lighters are a delight!

  8. WF (verified owner)

    Very good quality product and service.

  9. I

    Can’t believe how good these are. I can use a single cube to light the fire. There’s no nasty black smoke, burns very clean and the glass door stays clean for a remarkably long time.

  10. RL (verified owner)

    These are great. They appear to be made from grass and recycled candlewax. They burn really well and smell lovely!

  11. S

    I love these firelighters, they are really effective, and feel and smell much nicer than the standard kind. Also you can burn the cardboard box when its empty without the nasty plastic-coating fumes you get with conventional packaging.

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