Kiln-Dried Hardwood Logs – “Ready to Burn”

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With a typical moisture content of 15% (and a guaranteed maximum moisture content of 20%), we know our Woodsure accredited “Ready to Burn”  Silver Birch kiln-dried hardwood logs are among the best on the market. All our timber is legally felled from sustainably managed woodlands.

All our kiln-dried logs are 10″ / 25cm long – suitable for most woodburning stoves.

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We recommend our premium kiln-dried logs for woodburning stoves.

They are very cost-effective, with a typical moisture content of 15%. And they are guaranteed to have a maximum moisture content of 20%. Our kiln-dried logs are the driest firewood you can buy! They have been independently inspected and verified by Woodsure to meet their standards for their “Woodsure Ready to Burn” accreditation.

The lower the moisture content of your firewood, the more heat is produced as less energy is used to evaporate any remaining moisture. This means more heat for your room with less smoke and steam going up the chimney. A basket of kiln-dried logs can produce as much heat and last as long as 2 baskets of seasoned logs.

We use kilns heated with renewable energy, using waste wood.

All our kiln-dried logs are 10″ / 25cm long – suitable for the majority of wood-burning stoves.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when packed neatly in nets or stacked in your log store, the logs will take up approximately 1/3 less space than a pile of jumbled loose logs.

  • Buy more than 1 cubic metre and save £5 per cubic metre

How big is a cubic metre of logs? click here


58 reviews for Kiln-Dried Hardwood Logs – “Ready to Burn”

  1. NB (verified owner)

    You are brilliant. Ordered Friday afternoon and arrived first thing Saturday preceded by a courtesy phone call. Logs in nets which are very convenient and the logs burn well on wood burner and fire pit. Congratulations and I will order from you again next winter.

  2. JA (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, perfect size. Looks good in the wood store and burns steadily and hot.

  3. RC (verified owner)

    Terrific. Genuinely dry and ready for the stove. Superb service and a consistently reliable product.

  4. RB (verified owner)

    Excellent product and service!

  5. SA (verified owner)

    These are the best logs we have ever had, they burn easily and long, give out a lot of heat and slow! What is more, turn around time on delivery is extremely speedy.

  6. BC (verified owner)

    You always get what you pay for, logs that are dry and burn easily and hot.

  7. DAD (verified owner)

    Lovely hot clean burn, Superfast delivery. Thank you!

  8. m (verified owner)

    Delighted both with the quality of the wood and the service. Got a phone call to make sure their planned delivery was convenient for me, and then it was delivered – the day after ordering.

  9. MS (verified owner)

    service is great, always very efficient and great quality firewood

  10. SW (verified owner)

    Great quality logs!

  11. CJ (verified owner)

    Lovely wood and nice mix of sizes!

  12. s (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the load.

  13. MF (verified owner)

    really great quality wood

  14. BS (verified owner)

    fantastic logs! Two thumbs up.

  15. CP (verified owner)

    We have had logs for several years from you and they have always been first class!

  16. l (verified owner)

    Logs are great quality and burn cleanly. Highly recommended

  17. MR (verified owner)

    Can’t think of any room for improvement- everything excellent, thank you

  18. t (verified owner)

    Great service from online order through to delivery!!

  19. JH (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Fantastic service.

  20. RD (verified owner)

    Kiln dried logs burn well too and give out good heat.

  21. AS (verified owner)

    First class!! The quality of the logs is excellent.

  22. m (verified owner)

    A great product and fast efficient service

  23. AC (verified owner)

    Excellent burns really well

  24. f (verified owner)

    Lovely dry hardwood logs, perfect size for my log burner.

  25. PR (verified owner)

    Fantastic service as always: just as described, and left where I asked for it to be left. Thank you.

  26. JA (verified owner)

    Top quality wood delivered within 3 hours of ordering! Excellent service. Keep doing what you are doing!

  27. SB (verified owner)

    Amazing service. Second delivery of very dry wood within 4 hours of ordering

  28. NM (verified owner)

    Brilliant service and brilliant logs! Well done!

  29. JA (verified owner)

    Outstanding service and wood as always. Thank you.

  30. RR (verified owner)

    best firewood I’ve ever used!

  31. MS (verified owner)

    Excellent. Wood burns beautifully.

  32. SD (verified owner)

    Excellent friendly customer service.The logs are perfect and were delivered on time.I highly recommend Elcombe.

  33. GB (verified owner)

    Excellent and professional service and quality of wood I cannot fault , would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends

  34. RB (verified owner)

    After more than 30 years buying from a local supplier we became unhappy with the burning quality and so dipped our toe in the water earlier in 2019 with Elcombe and have never looked back!

  35. CK (verified owner)

    For anyone in doubt, kiln-dried logs make a huge difference to the efficiency and ease-of-use of a wood burning stove. Hotter, cleaner, easier to light, less and lighter ash. Elcombe’s kiln-dried logs are bone dry, well cut, and delivered in high-quality bags (good bags matter – try carrying a heavy bunch of logs down cellar stairs in a bag that’s collapsing…)

  36. MH (verified owner)

    Just to say the gentleman who delivered my wood was so thoughtful, helpful and went above and beyond. We are having major garden works and so our log stores have been put somewhere. l am very stiff in the mornings from Arthritis and he put it all under cover in my passage way as it was raining.
    Also my woodburner has been serviced the gentleman always shows me the matter he removes from wherever and each year comments on the high quality of the logs that l must use judging by this matter.

  37. DL (verified owner)

    Logs always burn very well, easy to light, give out great heat and leave little residue

  38. ME (verified owner)

    Great service – really quick and efficient.

  39. LH (verified owner)

    Logs in nets so convenient when stacking and bringing indoors!

  40. GS (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried burining htem yet but they are dry and look well seasoned. They are also of the right size – nothing too big

  41. AB (verified owner)

    Good quality wood and sustainably sourced. Good and speedy service

  42. im (verified owner)

    5 Star service!

  43. RA (verified owner)

    A very efficient service. Prompt reply and quick delivery. And even stacked my logs which were netted

  44. JK (verified owner)

    Good wood and great service. Logs in nets makes them much easier to move.

  45. PD (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the firewood and the friendly and efficient service

  46. AD (verified owner)

    Your product is great and the service is excellent!

  47. TB

    It arrived on the agreed day. It was stacked neatly. What was exposed to the weather was covered. The product is good. One gets these surveys requests all the time now- I newer bother , but I made an exception because I thought you deserved it!

  48. AC

    The wood looks great and delivered exactly when planned!!

  49. PT (verified owner)

    Efficient and friendly service. The advice on your website meant I was able to order just the right quantity.

  50. JS (verified owner)

    Lasts a good time and gives off excellent amount of heat.

  51. NJ (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the quality of the firewood

  52. BH

    This is an excellent and efficient service from Elcombe Fire & Wood. We chose the KD hardwood logs delivered in manageable net bundles. Highly recommended.

  53. SJ (verified owner)

    Logs are a manageable size, dry and produce a good roaring fire in seconds

  54. CS

    Kiln dried hardwood delivered nextday. Very well dried, my moisture meter registered between 14 – 16% moisture and no more on any of the logs I checked. Very pleased.

  55. SR (verified owner)

    Same day delivery! Outstanding. Great logs too…

  56. NH (verified owner)

    Very responsive and very reliable.

  57. BM (verified owner)

    Can’t fault the service we receive, we would highly recommend this company.

  58. SP

    Both kiln-dried and seasoned are excellent.
    Prompt delivery within the time arranged – excellent.

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