Super Heat Mix

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A great mix for a really hot fire. This is what we use at home and we think it’s an excellent combination – cost effective briquettes and the very best logs.

  • Start your fire with our high energy small briquettes which are easy to light and give a great flame.
  • Then follow up with our super dry kiln-dried logs for the look and feel of a real wood fire.
  • Top up with briquettes again if you’ve let the fire die down.

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Buy more than 1 bundle and save £5 per bundle!



The briquettes have a really low moisture content of 7% which makes them very easy to light. We use our small briquettes as they have a larger surface area so burn readily so will quickly have your fire up to temperature. Then add on the kiln-dried logs and reduce the airflow to make sure they burn steadily.

Mix in the briquettes any time you want that extra bit of heat in the room. Just make sure you don’t exceed the maximum temperature for your woodburner (typically 250 C / 480 F).

Each bundle consists of 10 nets of our kiln-dried hardwood logs and 5 sacks of 20kg “Hotmax” briquettes

Because the briquettes are so dry, they readily absorb water which then makes them crumble apart. It’s therefore very important to ensure the sacks of briquettes are stored in a dry place – please don’t rely on the packaging to keep the briquettes dry if left outside in the rain. The plastic sacks can be easily torn or punctured.

Buy more than 1 bundle and save £5 per bundle!

15 reviews for Super Heat Mix

  1. Hn (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my purchase… easy to manage in the bags too.

  2. JR (verified owner)

    Good, dry, right size. Easy to handle in bags, great service with fast reliable delivery

  3. r (verified owner)

    Appreciated the fact you put the bags into my log store for me! Wood quality is fantastic – thank you 🙂

  4. kh (verified owner)

    Great service, great product!

  5. j (verified owner)


  6. JF (verified owner)

    Talk about heat! Fantastic!

  7. BC (verified owner)

    As always quality product from quality company. Great service, fast delivery, you want the best? go to Elcomefirewood.

  8. kh (verified owner)

    Really quick service, great quality wood that’s burning well. Always reliable

  9. GT (verified owner)

    You pay attention to details and offer only the best quality firewood in each category – which actually works out as best value in the long run as well.

  10. BC (verified owner)

    Sacks always rammed full of quality wood, excellent device, only place I go for logs.

  11. RH (verified owner)

    Really quick delivery and very impressed with the quality

  12. RH (verified owner)

    Ordered these last weekend- were delivered really quickly and even called me beforehand to let me know. It was a really wet day but they took time to make sure all the logs and briquettes were covered over. Will definitely use again!

  13. Sv (verified owner)

    Great products. Really happy. Drivers have been friendly & helpful & delivered logs exactly where I wanted.

  14. CW (verified owner)

    Soooo happy with delivery, quality of logs and service around and trust your recommendations of extras in store, like the two vents that work beautifully. Well worth the price!

  15. DL (verified owner)

    Kiln dried Logs burn well, a great product please keep the quality up.

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