Wood Pellets Horse Bedding


Horse bedding that’s absorbent, hygienic and easy to use. Packed in convenient 10 kg plastic sacks which we’ll unload for you by hand and help get to your storage area.



Product Description

Keep your horse comfortable while reducing the time you spend mucking out – not to mention cutting the cost of bedding too! Wood pellet bedding is really simple to use.

Because it’s so absorbent, any wet and soiled bedding remains compact and manageable, making mucking out much easier and reducing the amount of bedding you require. That means less hard work and less expense.

And because our wood pellets are made from 100% FSC virgin softwood from well-managed sources, it’s also friendly to the environment. It’s an all-natural product that’s hygienically clean.

Individual sacks are on sale at our Stove showroom in Stroud  – £5 each : Elcombe Stoves, 223 Bath Rd, Stroud GL5 3TA 

Tel 01453 700211 


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