Woodsure Explained

The official body recognised by government for setting standards for wood fuel is Woodsure. Woodsure is the UK’s only woodfuel quality assurance scheme. Here we explain about how it works.

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“Register Plates” and “Closure Plates” Explained

Whenever you have a woodburning stove installed in a fireplace, you will have a plate above the stove blocking off the bottom of the chimney. The plate must be made of solid, non-combustible material. You may hear this plate referred to as a “Closure” or “Register” plate. Although these terms are often used interchangeably by some people, there is an important difference between them.

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How To Make a Swedish Candle

A Swedish Candle, aka Swedish Fire Log or Swedish Fire Torch, is basically a log split like a cake and used as a small outdoor fire. If it is placed stable and level upon the ground you can even cook on it. Here we show you how to make one.

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