Adept Concept by Ekol: a range of options they will never stop developing.

The Adept Concept is based on Ekol’s passion to combine the perfect fire experience with practical and beautiful design that can morph to suit your individual style, lifestyle and home.

“We believe there is great beauty in something so perfectly engineered that it appears so simple.”

So say Ekol, whose experienced engineers were put to work in a laboratory and told that they couldn’t come out again until they had perfected the ideal firebox for optimum wood burning! That’s tongue-in-cheek, of course, however 12 months later the engineers emerged with a square box. What Ekol’s engineers have done is to balance the optimum air flow design, advanced re-burning of gases for ultra-clean emissions, high efficiency and easy to use controls.

“Some modernist designers once said that ‘form follows function'”

Once Ekol had the optimum firebox at the heart of the design, they set about beginning the series of components which determines the way in which the stove is positioned and interacts with its environment.

They decided that these options had to be useful as well as beautiful. They aim to combine practical robust materials which have their own tactile beauty and simple, perfectly proportioned form.