All Night Fires

We often get asked:

How do I keep my fire going overnight?

Blazing fire in a stove

Our standard advice with woodburning stoves is not to try and keep them in overnight but to let them burn out at the end of the evening.

What you’re essentially doing when you try to keep them in overnight is to shut the fire right down and get the logs to smoulder. This reduces the temperature of the fire and increases the possibility that the fumes from the fire will not be hot enough to rise and exit the flue as usual (particularly with tall or exposed flues). This then runs the risk of these gases condensing inside the flue, especially towards the top of the flue, leaving tar and creosote deposits. Tar deposits of course are a potential fire risk (as well as blocking the flue and reducing its efficiency) while creosote eats away at the mortar of unlined chimneys increasing the risk of carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases getting into the house. So generally – it’s not recommended!