Fireline: Stoves Forged in the Shadow of our Industrial Past.



The Shropshire town of Telford was created as recently as the 1960s and yet its links to the industrial past are many. The town is named after the great Victorian engineer, Thomas Telford, who, for a time, was employed as the Shropshire County Surveyor. The town is situated within the Shropshire hills, in an Area Of Outstanding Beauty. The largest of these hills, the famous Wrekin, overlooks the town, helping to create the feeling of dark and industrial Victorian beauty.

To add to this feeling of atmosphere, the historic areas of Ironbridge Gorge and Coalbrookdale lie within the town’s perimitres and both are considered to be the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. 



Fireline multifuel stoves are also situated in Telford and their own engineers have clearly been inspired by the town’s industrial past. However, unlike the Victorian coal-fuelled, smoke-belching factories and furnaces of old, Fireline’s stoves have been forged in modern laboratories to incorporate advanced, patented firebox combustion technology. This results in very clean burning and highly efficient stoves. Their wood burning stoves begin at 78% efficiency and rise to 82%, but thermal efficiency is only a small part of the story.

Their combustion technology harnesses the unique Fireline-designed airwash as an integral part of the system and not an after-thought as seen on many older designs of stove. All but their smallest Fireline 4kW wood-burning model have easily achieved DEFRA exemption for burning logs in smokeless areas.

As for Thomas Telford, upon his death, a dear friend of his gave this warm eulogy:

“Mr Telford was of the most genial disposition and a delightful companion, his laugh was the heartiest I ever heard; it was a pleasure to be in his society.”

Something tells us he would have made the perfect fireside companion too!

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