Contura – Lighting An Environmentally-Friendly Fire.

Swedish initiative.

Sweden’s approach to the effects of climate change has always been ahead of the game. In 1967, they were the first country in the world to establish an environmental protection agency. In 2001, the Stockholm Convention was largely a Swedish initiative. It was a global treaty set up to phase out the production and use of organic pollutants.  Today, over 50% of their national energy supply is provided by renewables. This is more than twice that of the UK.  New government legislation is aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a far greater rate than the minimum required.

And so it should come as little surprise that all stoves in the Swedish Contura range are designed to be carbon-neutral.


Contura. Stringent Demands

Contura, based in the south west of Sweden, has one of Europe’s most modern production plants. Here they place stringent demands on manufacturing and use. Unhealthy particulates and hydrocarbons that are formed in inefficient systems inevitably find their way into the atmosphere. Contura are facing this challenge head on.

How? Well, in their own words:

“Contura stoves are efficient because the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced during combustions is low. It is also taken up by new trees as they grow. They lessen the reliance of the main heating source in a home without having a harmful effect on the environment. When compared to other stoves, Contura’s designs are 80% more energy-efficient. This is thanks to the use of the latest combustion technology. 

The efficient combustion technology involves air supply to the stove at different stages. Initially, air is supplied to the fire bed before reaching the back of the stove via a spreader. This means the stove never runs out of oxygen. It allows it to burn in a cleaner and more efficient way.”