Elcombe Firewood: Delivering A Great Service!

During the long, hot summer months, when time drips like honey and no one considers burning wood to keep them warm, in our woodyard the hard work is still going on. Logs need to be cut and boxes need to be filled, ready for the busy winter ahead. Last year, 2017-18, was particularly cold. Heavy snow affected our part of the Cotswolds on no less than four separate occasions. This led to our busiest winter firewood delivery season ever. The stats are pretty impressive. But, then, our wood and our customer service are impressive also. And the two are intertwined.

During the 2017-18 winter, each of our four cabstar trucks delivered approximately 130 cubic metres of firewood every week for six months. That’s roughly 4000 cubit metres of wood. Our trucks also cover a radius of 30 miles from our base near Stroud. We deliver to satisfied customers all over Gloucesteshire, Wiltshire and Bristol. During the 2017-18 period, each of our trucks covered approximately 10,000 miles of main road, motorway and country lane. This combined total of 40,000 miles would stretch more than one and a half times around the world.

We have well in excess of 2,000 customers, most of whom buy firewood from us at least once every year. So when the winter ends and spring arrives, that’s a lot of firewood to have to replenish again before summer is out! And that is why, when our drivers take off their driving gloves in March, they quickly replace them again with gloves fit for wood-chopping purposes. They take them off to eat their honey, though.