Woodsure Ready-to-Burn: The Benefits of Dry Wood Over Wet Wood.

Did You Know?

Did you know that, depending on the species, a recently felled tree can contain a moisture content somewhere in the region of 60%? Freshly cut logs, like those you may purchase from service station forecourts, will often contain around one pint of water per log! And that is a very inefficient way to warm your home.

When you burn logs with a high moisture content, a large amount of energy released from the log will be used to boil off that pint of water. This is before it even begins to heat your room. So if your logs crackle, pop, and give off steam, you’ll know that you’ve purchased inferior firewood.

However, some moisture content in a log is a good thing. If it is too dry, it will not only burn too quickly, but will also increase emissions. This is why Woodsure ready-to-burn logs are guaranteed to have a moisture content between 12% and 20%. This will both maximise heat efficiency and decrease carbon emissions.

Here at Elcombe, we are proud to sell Woodsure ready-to-burn kiln-dried logs. https://elcombefirewood.co.uk/product-category/logs/kiln-dried-logs/ 

We carry the official Woodsure ready-to-burn logo and recommend them, not only for their efficiency, but for their benefits on the environment. Burning kiln-dried logs in a wood burner will reduce your carbon emissions to just 3%. Should you wish to upgrade to a new SIA Ecodesign stove, those emissions will reduce even further, to just 1%. And that’s a statistic which is guaranteed to warm your heart as well as your home!.