CK, Stroud – Nov 2019

For anyone in doubt, kiln-dried logs make a huge difference to the efficiency and ease-of-use of a wood burning stove. Hotter, cleaner, easier to light, less and lighter ash. Elcombe’s kiln-dried logs are bone dry, well cut, and delivered in high-quality bags (good bags matter – try carrying a heavy bunch of logs down cellar stairs in a bag that’s collapsing…)I switched to Elcombe a year ago when another, slightly cheaper supplier, ran out of logs. I was delighted to discover that, for about £3.50 more per cubic meter, I got: * next day delivery. Ordered 1:30pm yesterday, delivered 8:30 am today, and slot offered to suit my diary, not theirs. * excellent dry logs – “Woodsure Ready to Burn” – burned the last of Jan’s delivery in mid-Nov, still bone dry, very easy to light, burn super-hot, leave light ash, very low smoke and soot, flue in great condition. * excellent string bags – if you’ve ever dealt with poor bags carrying logs down cellar stairs, you’ll certainly appreciate a quality bag than won’t collapse half way down! * friendly professional service – not just on the phone taking my order but, far more importantly, from the guy delivering 20 bags of wood to a road-side kerb in the pouring rain during the morning rush-hour. A highly recommended product, from a highly recommended outfit.