SDS, Stroud – Nov 2019

Excellent friendly customer service.The logs are perfect and were delivered on time.I highly recommend Elcombe.

TH, Cam – Nov 2019

Can highly recommend, called to ask when delivery would be , informed this afternoon . What great service and a local company, Your service is 1st class x

DC, Stroud – Nov 2019

Fantastic service, and super fast delivery. Great logs too!

GB, Gloucester – Nov 2019

Excellent and professional service and quality of wood I cannot fault , would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends

SE, Thornbury – Nov 2019

Perfect Amazing next day service . Quality products Most amazing is they put it all away for me in the woodshed – fantastic service – above and beyond xx

KH, Fairford – Nov 2019

Really quick service, great quality wood that’s burning well. Always reliable

CK, Stroud – Nov 2019

For anyone in doubt, kiln-dried logs make a huge difference to the efficiency and ease-of-use of a wood burning stove. Hotter, cleaner, easier to light, less and lighter ash. Elcombe’s kiln-dried logs are bone dry, well cut, and delivered in high-quality bags (good bags matter – try carrying a heavy bunch of logs down cellar stairs in a bag that’s collapsing…)I switched to Elcombe a year ago when another, slightly cheaper supplier, ran out of logs. I was delighted to discover that, for about £3.50 more per cubic meter, I got: * next day delivery. Ordered 1:30pm yesterday, delivered 8:30 am today, and slot offered to suit my diary, not theirs. * excellent dry logs – “Woodsure Ready to Burn” – burned the last of Jan’s delivery in mid-Nov, still bone dry, very easy to light, burn super-hot, leave light ash, very low smoke and soot, flue in great condition. * excellent string bags – if you’ve ever dealt with poor bags carrying logs down cellar stairs, you’ll certainly appreciate a quality bag than won’t collapse half way down! * friendly professional service – not just on the phone taking my order but, far more importantly, from the guy delivering 20 bags of wood to a road-side kerb in the pouring rain during the morning rush-hour. A highly recommended product, from a highly recommended outfit.

RB, Eastcombe – Nov 2019

After more than 30 years buying from a local supplier we became unhappy with the burning quality and so dipped our toe in the water earlier in 2019 with Elcombe and have never looked back!

MH, Little Somerford – Nov 2019

Just to say the gentleman who delivered my wood was so thoughtful, helpful and went above and beyond. We are having major garden works and so our log stores have been put somewhere else. l am very stiff in the mornings from Arthritis and he put it all under cover in my passage way as it was raining.

AJ, Dursley – Nov 2019

Super fast friendly service. Could not ask for more!

BS, Cranham – Nov 2019

Fantastic wood and brilliant service – thank you! Will be buying from you again.

SG, Charfield – Nov 2019

Cannot see how you could make any improvements!

JL, Stonehouse – Nov 2019

Very prompt delivery.logs covered against the weather allowing me to stack at my leisure

TE, Arlingham – Nov 2019

Excellent service – stack looks beautiful and ready or winter.

IW, Sheepscombe – Nov 2019

Logs delivered while we were out. Apart from a very neatly stacked woodshed you would not know anyone had been!

LS, Stroud – Nov 2019

So quick and easy to order. Always appreciate the free kindling and top quality logs

CW, Chalford – Nov 2019

Quality as high as ever, delivered exactly when you said it would be.

JP, Churchdown – Nov 2019

Just brilliant! Fabulous wood! Excellent service! Delivered next day.

PM, Stroud – Nov 2019

Friendly service and quick delivery. Having dry logs in convenient net sacks seems worth the extra cost.

SS, Stroud – Nov 2019

The chimney sweep always comments on how good the wood must be!

AJ, Gloucester – Nov 2019

Delivery driver very helpful today – I expected to move all of my nets myself 👍

MBS, Edge – Oct 2019

At 75, we find the wood stacking service very helpful.

MF, Stroud – Oct 2019

We are very happy with the quality of the firewood from Elcombe and the service is exemplary.

JD, Whitminster – Oct 2019

Used Elcombe firewood for years. Always excellent.

GS, Nailsworth – Oct 2019

Nice friendly guy delivered the logs – was very receptive to any requests or questions.

EC, Avening – Oct 2019

Always brilliant and impeccable service. I placed the order early in the morning and the wood was delivered later that day. Their service and customer focus is admirable, other companies could learn a lot

RS, Chalford – Oct 2019

Very polite people who know what they’re talking about, very reliable and the products are great – love the stove and the wood!

SB, Brimscombe – Oct 2019

When I returned home I was so impressed with the thoughtfulness of the delivery man. The logs were left neatly covered and protected from the rain at the end of the drive, leaving enough space for us to park both of our cars. This meant that we didn’t have the task of rushing to move logs in the pouring rain! Thank you, much appreciated!

RA, Stroud – Oct 2019

A very efficient service. Prompt reply and quick delivery. Mark was very kind and even stacked my logs which were netted

HP, Stroud – Oct 2019

Logs were delivered and stacked very nicely without me doing anything

JW, Whitminster – Oct 2019

We have not used the logs yet as still waiting for the log burner to be put in, but found delivery quick and Luke very helpful will order again when needed

DH, Tuffley – Oct 2019

Once again a great service, great logs and super fast delivery

TH, Stonehouse – Oct 2019

Very easy to order and quick delivery. Excellent service would use again.

BC, Stonehouse – Oct 2019

Sacks always rammed full of quality wood, excellent service! Only place I go for logs.

GT, Stroud – Oct 2019

You pay attention to details and offer only the best quality firewood in each category – which actually works out as best value in the long run as well.

CR, Stroud – Oct 2019

I don’t normally bother with surveys, but I really appreciate your excellent service – very prompt in following up on orders, great communication and your delivery guys are always super helpful – so thank you!

RN, Rodborough – Oct 2019

All is excellent!

AM, Oakridge – Oct 2019

Impeccable service. Couldn’t be happier with level of service.

SP, Cromhall – Oct 2019

Good quality wood, quick delivery… a perfect service!!

PJ, Stroud – Oct 2019

Excellent logs delivered quickly.

CR, Randwick – Oct 2019

Quick and efficient delivery of logs. Thank you.

JW, Wotton – Oct 2019

Prompt and reliable service. Polite, helpful and friendly staff.

LB, Standish – Oct 2019

Great service and delivery on time from friendly driver

VD, Tetbury – Oct 2019

As usual quick and efficient delivery of really excellent wood. There is a lot of wood in each load and each year I forget how long it takes to move the pile and stack it but it is an enjoyable and healthy way to spend an hour or so!

RH, Gloucester – Oct 2019

Really quick delivery and very impressed with the quality

AC, Minchinhampton – Oct 2019

Very pleasant to deal with really easy for me as a customer

JA, Woodchester – Sept 2019

Outstanding customer care from placing orders online to organising timing of deliveries. Your driver can really navigate the narrow parking spaces in our village. Thank you!

MB, Saul – Sept 2019

This is the 6th load we’ve had over the last year. Elcombe are very quick to respond and the quality is great. Very reliable and we don’t want to use anybody else.

SC, Minchinhampton – Sept 2019

Always a pleasure to deal with you. Friendly, helpful and reliable service.

RC, Nailsworth – Sept 2019

Superb service, delivered the day I ordered.