Cosyology: Find Your Inner Peace.

Lagom – The Swedish Hygge.

The word ‘lagom’ is an Old Norse term meaning ‘team’ in Swedish. Its roots stretch back to Viking times, when they would gather around the fire at night, drinking from horns filled with mead. Everyone was encouraged to take no more than their fair share so that others could also get their fill. Lagom means not too little or too much, but just right. It is the mindfulness of physical and mental state. Lagom is about family and place, environment and calmness.

The Swedes also have a special word for their coffee break – ‘fika’ – and they spend on average 240 hours a year drinking coffee and eating buns. Much of that time is spent as a family beside log burning stoves, and this is where Contura’s Cosyology philosophy of life comes into its own.

“Many studies show that mobile-free zones reduce stress both in the workplace and at home. Make the space around your stove a place for spending time talking and being together.”

Contura don’t just make beautiful, efficient modern stoves, they are also steeped in the Swedish culture of tranquility, inspiration and peace of mind. And building more relaxation into our daily lives is clearly beneficial to everyone’s health and general well-being. Click on the links below to find out more about Cosyology and our stunning range of Contura wood-burning stoves.


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